Current Eastern Time

Actual east time

Displays the current time in the eastern time zone (USA and Canada). Verify the time zone offset and time change schedules. You can convert at any local time in the world.

Eastern Standard Time (EST) - Eastern Standard Time (abbreviation for time zones)

In North America, Caribbean: Only some sites are currently on EST, as most sites in this time region are currently set to DST and observe EDT. To find the right time for your area, please use the box on the right. The Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 h behind the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

It is used during the default time in : Often referred to as the Eastern Time Area. In some places, they monitor DST in the light of day and therefore use EDT (Eastern daylight time) in the sommer. A mail sent by someone in the Eastern Default Time (EST) time zones has the time zones specified as "-0500" in the e-mail header.

However, "-0500" does not have to be in Eastern Standard Time, as other time zone may have the same setpoint. US states that use EST in winters and EDT in summers: Canada provinces/territories using EST in winters and EDT in summers: Karibische lands, which use EST in the winter and EDT in the summer:

There are some time zone that have the same offsets as EST, but are found under a different name: Did you mean EDT?

Accurate EDT time now

EDT, what time is it right now? The EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) is one of the well-known name of the VTC-4 time zones, which is 4 hours behind the VTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The time difference of VTC can be set as -04:00. It is used as summer-summer time, in winters EST - Eastern Standard Time(UTC-5) is used.

East Standard Time Zone - EST

The Eastern Default Time is five hrs behind the Coordinated Universal Time Default, expressed as an off-set of 5:00 a. m. below CET. This means that in order to find the default time in the area, you must deduct five consecutive hour from the Coordinated World Time. Areas that observe the time zones are mainly located in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

It may be referred to as one of these extra time zones, according to where the time zones are referred to: Many of the areas in which this time zones are used use Eastern Standard Time in the autumn to winters and Eastern Daylight Time or EDT in the daylight savings time (spring to summer).

These areas are contained in the time zone:

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