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Daylight saving time is observed in parts of this time zone. The Eastern Standard Time (EST) replaces the Eastern Daylight Time in summer when summer time begins. Converter GMT to EST time zone converter, calculator, table and map.

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"HH:mm:ss ZZZ" ; . ); . ); : "UTC" ); . ); "2015-04-01 12:52:00 +0000", // Date comparison for comparison of current date and end date. : ()... // Current date is less than end date. The current date is greater than the end date. Current date and end date are identical.

To know all available time zone acronyms, you can do this as follows: : : . "CEST:" "Europe/Paris", "WEST:" "Europe/Lisbon", "CDT": "America/Chicago", "EET": "Europe/Istanbul", "BRST": "America/Sao_Paulo", "EEST": "Europe/Istanbul", "CET" : "Europe/Paris", "MSD": "Europe/Moscow", "MST": "America/Denver", "KST": "Asia/Seoul", "PET": "America/Lima", "NZDT": "Pacific/Auckland", "CLT" :

"America/Santiago", "HST": "Pacific/Honolulu", "MDT": "America/Denver", "NZST": "Pacific/Auckland", "COT": "America/Bogota", "CST": "America/Chicago", "SGT": "Asia/Singapore", "CAT": "Africa/Harare", "BRT" : "Sao_Paulo", "WET": "Europe/Lisbon", "IST": "Asia/Kalkutta", "HKT": "Asia/Hong_Kong", "GST": "Asia/Dubai", "EDT" : "America/New_York", "WIT": "Asia/Jakarta", "UTC": "UTC", "JST": "Asia/Tokyo", "IRST": "Asia/Tehran", "PHT" :

"Africa/Lagos", "EST": "America/New_York", "BDT": "Asia/Dhaka", "CLST": "America/Santiago", "AKST": "America/Juneau", "ADT" : "America/Halifax", "AST": "America/Halifax", "PKT": "Asia/Karachi", "GMT": "GMT", "ICT": "Asia/Bangkok", "MSK": "Europe/Moscow", "EAT": "Africa/Addis_Ababa".

Converter GMT to EST

The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) initially related to the mean time of the sun at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Today it is often used to relate to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when considered a time domain, and in occasional use it is the same in most cases.

Greenwich Mean Time was the same as Universal Time (UT), until the launch of Universal Time in 1972 a standardized astronomical approach that is used in many engineering areas. 10000 - Plus or minus signs (+) followed by a four-digit time indicating the hour (00) and minute (00) of the mismatch.

Displays the time difference between zero hours and zero min of the zero meridian. 1. Zero - Abbreviation of'Zulu' time zone with the GMT zero:00 hr offset: DST changeover: It is a default time zone, but in some places in summers some places set the time for one hours forward to save summers and monitor Eastern Dayslight Time (EDT).

The EST ends every year on the second Sunday in March at 2:00 a.m. locale time and the watches were introduced on Sunday, 11 March 2018 at 2:00 a.m. locale time by one additional hour. EST is the first time that the EST has been introduced. The EST begins each year on the first Sunday in November at 2:00 a.m. locale time and the watches are reset one fullhour on Sunday, November 4, 2018, at 2:00 a.m. (2:00 a.m.) locale time.

0500 - Plus or minus signs (-) followed by a four-digit time indicating the time ( 05 ) and minute ( 00 ) of the mismatch. Displays five different hourly and zero minute times east of the zero meridians. Romeo " time zone with the GMT -5:00 o'clock offset:

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