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Actual exact time

Current time is determined by an atomic clock. Exact time refers to atomic time worldwide. Please click here to see the current time! USNO animated time in standard time zones (requires Javascript activation.) USNO time in standard time zones - conversion of universal time.

Current time is here! Please click here for the exact time and atomic clock.

Current time! Everyone is always looking for the current time. One second is not precise enough to calculate the exact time, therefore each time of the earth is connected to an atomic clock. Use the digital clock below to see the exact time and date for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Below is an analogue timepiece showing the atomic time for Amsterdam, Holland and is always very precise. Are you looking for the exact time in a different time zone? Now you can adjust your timepiece, your wake-up call, your wallclock and your computer to exactly the right time!

You can still determine the time in 2016.

Must have been about the same time when I heard about what seemed to be a big mystery of telephone at the time. And there was another number I could call, and I could call it any time and as often as I wanted, without getting into difficulties. At Baltimore in the 1980', if you dial 844-1212, a nice automatic tone would tell you the exact time.

The time for the sound is 8:55 and 50 seconds. "Then there was a short peep, and the news was repeated with an actualized time. Apparently, as the paper cartoons below suggest, I wasn't the only child who was excited about the worship services. It turns out humans have been phoning time for generation.

Initially, a telephone-based time server must have looked like a logical expansion of telegraphic time measurement - but it would also have been radically different in its own way, because it marked a decisive transformation to an on-demand one. Large railways used the use of telegraphs in the nineteenth centuries to transfer time to large train-instations.

At the beginning of the twentieth millennium, humans could just lift the handset and ask a person to tell them about the time. Several towns during World War I stopped such service to conserve time and labour, but many reverted after the outbreak. At New York, in the 1920' s, one could ask about the time by dialling Meridian 1212 - although there was a charge for the call at that time.

Until 1958, according to an New York Times report that year, the company received about 90,000 phone hits a year. Jane Barbe was probably the spokeswoman.

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