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Timezone name: Pacific Time. Pacific time zone is: sspan class="mw-headline" id="Canada">Canada[edit] Summer time is monitored during this time area. Pacific Time zone (PT) is a time zones that includes parts of West Canada, the West United States and the West Mexico. Locations in this region monitor the default time by deducting eight consecutive hour from the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC-8). A UTC-7 time delay is used for the summer time changeover.

Throughout the United States and Canada, this time zones is commonly known as the Pacific Time Zones. In particular, time in this area is known as "Pacific Default Time" (PST) when observing default time (early November to mid-March), and "Pacific Daylight Time" by PDT when observing summer time (mid-March to early November).

The corresponding time zones in Mexico are known as Zona Noroeste (Northwest Zone) and follow the same summer timetable as the USA and Canada. Los Angeles is the biggest town in the Pacific time zones; the urban metropolis is the biggest in the area. It is two hrs from Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zones, one hrs from Alaska Time Zones, one hrs from Mountain Time Zone,[a] two hrs from Central Time Zones, three hrs from Eastern Time Zones and four hrs from Atlantic Time Zones.

There is only one single area of Canada completely within the Pacific time zone: In Mexico, the Noroeste Zone, which represents the Pacific time in the United States and Canada, comprises the following: Three states are divided between the Pacific Time Zone and the Mountain Time Zone: Nevada - all except West Wendover and Jackpot, Mountain City, Owyhee and Jarbidge.

A state is divided between the Pacific time zone and the Alaska time zone: During 2006, the PST (UTC-8) change to the PDT (UTC-7) at 02:00 am light time of day at 03:00 am light time of day at 03:00 am light time of day at 03:00 am LDT on the first Sunday in April and at 02:00 am light time of day at 01:00 am light time of day on the last Sunday in October.

With effect in the USA in 2007 as a consequence of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the PST to PDT time changes from 02:00 LPT to 03:00 LPT on the second Sunday in March and the time changes back at 02:00 LPT to 01:00 LPT on the first Sunday in November.

Canada's province and territory using time of day adopted these data between October 2005 and February 2007. From 2010 in Mexico, the part of the county in this time zones will use the prolonged data, as will some other parts. While in the Mountain Time zone, most of Arizona does not monitor summer time, so time in Arizona coincides with time in the Pacific Time zones from mid-March to early November.

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