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Actual temperature; North; South; Heat index; Wind gusts;

Almanac; Buffalo; Niagara Falls; Jamestown; Dunkirk; Bradford; Olean; Wellsville. Discreetly use the water temperature data in real time as they may contain errors.

How is the temp "how does it feel"?

How is the temp "how does it feel"? Typically the temp. you see on our website represents the temp. of the atmosphere, but this does not take into consideration how we actually perceive the temp. It''s our "feeling temperature" that gives you a better understanding of what the actual feeling of the outside world is like.

The " Emotional Temp " considers windspeeds and atmospheric moisture to judge how the real sensation of warmth is in the individual being. Thus, for example, in cold winters a heavy breeze can be much cooler than the recorded temp would indicate. Inversely, it can be unpleasantly warmer on a damp summer's evening than the ambient climate alone would suggest.

The effects of both temperatures, winds and moisture can be much greater and the feeling of warmth should allow the user to better assess outdoor environments. How do you actually compute the " feeling temp "? Calculating a "tactile temperature", we take into consideration the anticipated atmospheric climate, the relatively high atmospheric moisture and the force of the winds at about 5 ft (the average altitude of a person's face), coupled with our own knowledge of how warmth is dissipated from the person's bodies on colder and windier nights.

When it is breezy, the rate of humidity evaporating from the skins rises and is used to conduct warmth away from the human organism so that it feels cooler than it actually is. However, the exemption from this regulation is in the case of higher temperature. With higher temperature the cold weather is much less important.

As a result, the human organism cools down because warmth is extracted from it. Utilizing these facts, we use a formulation to adapt the ambient room climate on the basis of our understandings of lower than average Windchill, higher than average Thermal Index and a mixture of both.

In our five-day prediction and on our Android and iPhoneapps you can get tangible heats.

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