Current Time in India

Time in India

Standard India Time (IST) and GMT/UTC Offset. ACTUALLY convert to any time zone or any place in the world.

Timezone in India

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Time in India?

It is the biggest land on the Indian subcontinent, bordering Pakistan to the west, China and Nepal to the north, Bhutan to the northeast and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. Bhutan is the capital of India. It is located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, the Maldives in the southwest and Indonesia in the southeast of India in the Indian Ocean.

By area, India is the 7th biggest nation in the whole wide sense of the word and is inhabited by over a billion inhabitants, which only makes it compareable with China. At this point it should be noted that India has a much higher birth rate than China and the potential for relocation in relation to size of population is highly probable.

Of course it is an exceptionally varied land with dramatically different geographies, climates, cultures, languages and ethnicities throughout its area. It' s the biggest democratic state in the world, with almost a billion voters in every game. In India, the local exchange rate is the India pound sterling. India's cultural legacy is an interesting blend of traditional and modern.

The large land gives the visitors an insight into intriguing religion and anthropography. In addition to its past, India has opened up to a globalised environment and is one of the leaders in the areas of information technologies and computer sciences. There is still a deep historical and cultural richness in India that inspires and intrigues the many who come to it.

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