Current World Time Zones

Actual world time zones

Global time zone map with time zones for each country and continent. CHOOSE A COUNTRY TO DISPLAY THE CURRENT TIME AND TIME ZONE INFORMATION. Current time zone of the server. Time_zone is the global system variable that specifies the time zone in which the server is currently located. Are time zones not amazing?

System time zones.

System time zones. At startup, the sever tries to specify the timezone of the hosting computer and uses it to specify the system variables value (: value ) value for time. Specify the permitted value for -time zones or TZ depending on the system. Refer to your OS manual for information on what readings are reasonable. Current time area of the current servers.

Specifies the time area in which the current system is located. Start value for system time is ' SYSTEM', which means that the system time is identical to the system time. You can specify the server's original globale time zoning value manually at boot with the --default-time-zone=timezone flag on the switchboard or you can use the following line in an options file:

Every connected clients has its own time zones, which are defined by the variables specified by the user. First, the session variables get their value from the timezone variables, but the clients can modify their own timezone with this statement: ; The current timezone settings affect the displaying and storing of zonesensitive time events.

These include the value shown by a function such as NOW() or CURTIME(), and the value saved in and fetched from the TIMESTAMP column. TIMESTAMP column readings are translated from the current time zones to VTC for storing and from VTC to the current time zones for retrieving. Actual time zones settings do not influence value shown by function like UTC_TIMESTAMP() or value in DATE, TIME or DATETIME column.

Likewise, there are no entries in the datatypes saved in STC; the time zones only apply to them when TIMESTAMP entries are converted. When you want local Arithmetic for DATE, TIME, or DATE TIME value, conversion it to Universal Time, run the array, and then return it. In this way, the current value of the time zones that are dependent on the user and the clients can be retrieved:

You can specify time zones in multiple format types that are not case-sensitive: SYSTEM' indicates that the time zones should be identical to the system time zones. This value can be specified as a designated time area, e.g. 'Europe/Helsinki', 'US/Eastern' or 'MET'. Charging time zoning information is not necessarily a one-time process, as the information changes from time to time.

Using this paradigm, you need to run a seperate instruction to download the time zonefile for each designated zonefile that the host needs to know. When your time zones must take leap seconds into consideration, initialise the leap second information as follows, where tz_file is the name of your time zones file:

Upload and unzip a time zoning packet containing SQL instructions, and then upload the packet content to the time zoning tables: Reboot the machine. Don't use a down-loadable MyISAM table containing bundle. The attempt to substitute them with MyISAM spreadsheets will cause issues. See Section 17.4 for information on time zones setting when setting up your copy.

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