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Individual Blog Design Wordpress

Do you need a self-hosted WordPress design instead? See custom blog design services for Blogger and Wordpress. Select from ready-made designs or have an individual blog design created for you! Currently we offer custom blog and website design services for Blogger and WordPress platforms.

Individual & Affordable WordPress Blog Design Service

After receiving your down payment (payable above, please keep in mind that the down payment cannot be refunded as it will take considerable amount of your personal experience to setup the original blog design), we will allocate you a place on our waiting queue. In order to run a blog on (self-hosted WordPress), you must buy a domain name and host before we can start working on your blog.

One Click WordPress is offered for install and is used and endorsed by Little Bluehost Professional (Note: I am a Bluehost hosted affiliated and earn a Bluehost Shopping commission): bluehost.comWe strongly advise you to block your website and use add-ons for site backups as we are not in charge of backups or removing the malware.

Until the end of the weeks allocated to you, you can wait for a blog design and then have your blog install according to your revision. Those hours are approximately; we don't warrant them, but your blog is as important to us as it is to you, and we try to work as fast as we can.

Once the blog design is finished and in place, we'll be glad to supply you with a Facebook page headers and/or Twitter wallpaper and a $25 image for your post. If your blog lasts longer than 1 to 2 month, we retain the right to invoice a progressive fee.

These payments will only be required if the delays are on your side, which we fully appreciate, you have a great deal on your plate! It is not in excess of the design charge, it will only be a small part of your last purchase, usually 1/4. User-defined blogging and the necessary reviews take approximately 5-7hrs.

Should you wish to have audits that go beyond the scheduled period, they will be invoiced at an hourly fee (calculated proportionately). A 50% down payment is required to begin working on your blog. There is no refund for this down payment, it will take a long amount of your money to make the first design proofs, i.e. the down payment.

Most of the money has to be payed after the installation of the blog. THERE IS NO VOIP TO TAKE TELEPHONE CALL AT ANY POINT IN TIM! With the transmission of a payment you agree with our general trading conditions. Please note that we do not accept these general trading terms.

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