Custom Blog Templates for Blogger

User-defined Blog Templates for Bloggers

You can also create your own custom widget. Learn how to customize a Google Blogger template If you' re a parent blogger, you may need to make some fundamental changes to the built-in Google Template Designer or use Blogger Gatgets, sometimes termed widgets. If you want to modify your standard style using Blogger's Style Designer, perform these steps: 1 Go to your Blogger Dashboard and start the Style Designer by selecting the Design button.

Click the Template Designer page. There are five parts to the Template Designer, and the first one that will appear here is the Templates section. 2 Select a basic design to change by zooming through the miniature views and click a miniature image to see a snapshot of the design. Browse through the available templates and click different miniature views to get a glimpse of the design on your blog in the lower half of the display.

There' more choices here than when you first created your blog. Every artwork has an alternate palette. If you have selected a style sheet for use, click it and proceed to the next stage. 3 Click the Wallpaper panel, and then click the arrows next to the wallpaper preview of the available wallpaper.

Click the button to open the Background Images dialog. 4To another picture topic and to the desired picture, click a tabs on the far side of the Background Picture pane. 5 Click the Adjust Width tabs and use the controls to adjust the width of the entire blog and the right sidebar. To ensure best possible browsing experience, keep the width of your entire blog at or below 930px.

When adding ads to your Side Bar, make sure the right side bar is at least 300 pixel in width. Click the Map page and browse to your blog artwork. Blogsger has several predefined templates from which you can browse. Those customize how many side bars you have, where your side bars appear, and how many paragraphs you want in your blog bottom line.

SevenClick the Apply to Blog icon at the top right. Now your changes are online in your blog.

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