Custom Bridge

User-defined bridge

Custom Map - Landscape. Create your own deck with custom bridge-sized maps by uploading your images to our online map manufacturer. Leading manufacturer of bridge kits, bridges and picnic table frames in the Midwest. It is also possible to create custom custom bridge networks.

User-defined bridge cards size for printing

Select a bridge map theme to begin: A number of different map styles are available to fit the back of the map or both the front and back. Tailor-made bridge-sized maps are the ideal option for the games industries such as gambling, as they are slightly narrower in width to facilitate use. Measuring 2.25 x 3.5in, which is a fourth of an inch smaller than poker-sized maps.

Custom Bridge deck comes with 2 different deck qualities. This 300 g/m m² map has a flat surface with a deep red heart, which makes the map less transparent even in transmitted lighting. The 310 g/m has a canvas surface from France and a central dark heart coating, which means that the map is invisible even in high intensive transmitted lighting.

Bridging size boards are also supplied as supplied in film shrink-wrapped as part of our range, and you can select from a wide range of other packages, complete with either synthetic cases, normal insert cases or custom imprinted insert cases (for orders of 100 or more decks). When you don't see what you need on our website, please feel free to ask our seasoned distribution staff to offer you a tailor-made service.

The Bridge playcard can be fully adjusted on the back and in certain areas of the face area. Submit pictures that comply with our minimal specification as described on our products pages and in the on-line map designers for a high value, bespoke bridge playpack. Each image should be at least 300DPI in size and should contain a bleed area.

As soon as you have your high-resolution pictures, simply send them to our designers and click and drag them onto the maps. Fifty-four charts in one decks, so you can use up to fifty-four chart back and fifty-four chart page pictures if you want.

Your individual bridge-size playcards are delivered by express delivery, which only takes 2-3 working days, or by regular delivery, which takes a little longer. Watch our below movie to see an example of what your decks will look like.

By default, our packs are delivered in foil shrink-wrapped and you can select an extra package to suit your needs. This is another clip that shows how well our maps work.

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