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User-defined website free of charge

Individual website through web logo. You can contact our experts for a free and non-binding consultation. Complete our online enquiry forms We are so sure that you will like our new website theme that we will create an individual model of your new website for you before you buy or buy anything. When you like the look of the product, we can help you to get started. Within one working week you will get a reply e-mail asking us to plan a call to find out more about your needs.

We need a short telephone call to get an idea of the size of your projects so that we can make you an appropriate offer. You will be asked a set of question to define your website objectives, the main functionality needs you have, your schedule and other important factors affecting the size of the work.

You will receive a suggestion for the proposed solution by e-mail within 2-3 working days. It includes a detailled listing of all offered functions and utilities as well as a schedule for the projects and a quotation for the costs. Provided the size and budgetary of the suggestion are suitable for you, we can proceed with the Free Mockup suggestion.

We' ll be sending you a detailled survey to get an idea of the visions you have for the new website we' re designing. It includes hyperlinks to other sites you like the look and feel of, as well as font, color, and other visually appealing features you'd like to use. Together we will then check the contents of the website survey on the Discovery Call.

Collect information, ask question, clear your website visions and determine the outcome of your new website. within 4 workdays. The model is only a rough sketch and if we work together you will have plenty of opportunities to rework the sketch until it is exactly what you want.

When you like the mock-up and you want to promote the cooperation, we will conclude a agreement with the same conditions as in the offer. We don't charge you anything and you've got a better feel for what you're looking for on a website. However, the only reservation is that you have no right to the mock-up designs created by us and cannot use them for your website without full remuneration.

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