Custom Wordpress

User-defined Wordpress

This tutorial will show you how to easily create a custom page in WordPress. This is how you build a custom WordPress Dashboard for your customers A very useful step-by-step guide....

Would it be great if you could somehow once apply an upgrade and it is updated via the multitenant clients on your computer? I' m just talking about the possibility to modify the text, the title, but not the lay-out, the columns, the section, etc. Google Analytics and Email Log are just some samples of a widget I use in my desktop widget.

That makes me want to begin creating customer pages! Terrific tutorial. That is something I will have to do in the near term and supply to all my customers. I' ve always asked myself how theme/plugin designers display a customizable dashboard. Thank you for letting us share your wisdom! It's great to have a custom WordPress dashboard created so that customers can see their activities on your website!

WordPress now becomes more advanced than ever before! This does not substitute the available Dashboard Widget or removes other hints. Maybe a new output in the near term will allow some manipulations of the other items on the board to be reordered or hid? There is always a way to avoid a useless menue on the leftside that the client doesn't normally need to see?

I' d also be adding a service call center chats. I' m submitting to WordPress right now, is in progress, a plug-in that adds your Facebook chats for administrative user, so your customers can connect you via Facebook Messenger directly from their own personal desktop. A widget can be a problem, also another widget that needs to be loaded when logging in to wp-admin will decelerate backend performances.

That' s great, but if I want to do that and refresh video for hundred or thousand customers at a time without having to log in to every customer administrator, how is that possible? When it is in your schedules, please make sure that there is a way to refresh the content of the dashboard for all websites in one place without having to log into each customer's website to refresh the dashboard.

It will make it most useful for a webmaster who manages several websites. We went through the Tutorial, but the old dashboard is still displayed. We even disabled all other plug-ins, but still no customizable Dashboard. Just like here, the old Dashboard is still displayed! Once I turned it on and my own customizable Dashboard was removed, I can't get it back in any way.

It works 1x, then never again! Can' t see the Welcome Dashboard under Preferences.... how can I fix it?

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