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Writing a follow-up e-mail (with 5 free e-mail samples)

Mail Summary: Why don't businesses follow up emails? When you contact your clients, what do you ship to them? A good customer base generates satisfied and faithful clients. And the more satisfied (and loyal) your clients are, the quicker your company will expand. But for many businesses, customer support ends as soon as a problem is resolved.

Then you go on to the next customer. The thing many businesses forgot to do is follow up. Although easy, follow-up actions are often overlooked. Our own research shows that only 24 businesses (out of 1,000) have tried to reach their clients. Let's take a close look at this issue and see why it's important to work with your clients.

Indeed, it has become so important that adverse follow-up is now referred to as the largest customer complaints. Harvard Business Review found that 56% of clients complained of ill follow-up. Whereas 48% of clients who are experiencing a negative post-processing have at least 10 persons or more telling about their negative experiences.

It' s as easy as a follow-up that wrecks the overall customer experiences, which according to a Walker2020 study is one of the most important drivers for doing business now. In order to prevent your clients from turning their backs on you, you need to follow up. There are a variety of ways you can get in touch with your clients.

They can do it by telephone, mail or even personally, but the most efficient way is to follow up by e-mail. E-mails are fast to deliver, you can follow your comment and feed back quickly, and most importantly, they are scaling. No matter whether you have a selected few subscribers to get in touch with or a thousand of subscribers to get in touch with, you can do anything by just using a good old-fashioned e-mail.

But what kind of follow-up e-mails should you use? In order to help you deliver a follow-up e-mail to a potential customer or customer, we have provided 5 examples of follow-up e-mails that you can copy and use in your organization today, complete with a follow-up template used by Apple.

Every template spans a particular part of the customer succession lifecycle, so you can select the template that best fits your organization's needs. Every times a customer contact your customer care representative, they are expecting an answer. As soon as the problem is resolved, you can e-mail us the following information. The template is developed to contact someone after they have reached customer services and to ensure that they are fully happy.

When you don't have the ability to incorporate a rating grading system, try to motivate your clients to answer by clicking on "Reply". You may want to customise the logo to your own trademark, based on the corporate identity and tonality of your business. You can, for example, personalise the e-mail and have it sent by the chief executive officer, customer support manager or even the customer support representative with whom it was initially associated.

Scoring is a great way to get high volumes of answers, but if you're looking for more granular response, you can add a follow-up e-mail containing a hyperlink to a poll. Dependent on the nature of the question you ask, this template gives you the ability to gather customer input and gain true insights into your customers' views about your business, your product, and your customer support group.

When you are not sure what to ask your customer in the poll, here are five sample questions: Satisfied with the services we have provided? Were the services competent and useful? Although it is possible to motivate your clients to respond directly to the e-mail, you should use a poll utility to gather all your clients' responses.

Google, Typeform and Survey Monkey all provide free of charge utilities, so your clients don't have to pay for it. It is the aim of this e-mail to inspire and amaze your clients. Too often companies are selling a certain item and then leaving it to their clients. Did you ever think that your clients might need help or assistance?

The template is a great way to establish a long-term relation. In contrast to the first two submissions, this e-mail should be sent by a customer support representative, not by a corporate name or by the feared "Don't Reply" e-mail adress. Send this e-mail from one individual will help the customer to perceive themselves as valued and heard, which in turn will more likely result in an answer.

Instead of asking your clients to fill out a web questionnaire or e-mail to a different e-mail adress ( is not a solution), invite them to respond directly to your staff. For an even better customer experiences, add perspective by putting the name of the item or services you bought in the e-mail that you can directly importĀ from your CRM application.

It is usual to resolve a problem but not receive feedback from the customer. Usually what happens here is that your customer service staff marks the problem as resolved and closes the tickets. But what happens if the customer hasn't had an opportunity to view the e-mail, or is just working?

Anything else " is a good way to conclude a discussion with a customer. When you send this e-mail, you give the customer the opportunity to ask something else and fully appreciate the interactive experience instead of getting truncated or leaving. This e-mail can be sent to customer support customers either directly or via a corporate name.

The e-mail should also indicate what happens to the problem if the e-mail is not answered within a certain time limit. It' s known to be a leading provider of customer services (93 out of 100 points). So when I recently contacted their customer support staff, I had high hopes.

You know what made their ministry so great? Succeeding e-mail(s). Apple had answered my technical question within two working days, followed by my e-mail, as I had no reply from them ( yes, they followed me!), and then, after I had answered and expressed my gratitude for their help, they followed again with the following e-mail.

Contents of this follow-up were easy. It'?s difficult to beat this kind of servic! When you want to redesign your customer follow-up process and make an impression on your clients, just e-mail them a follow-up e-mail. We have put together 4 different kinds of e-mails for you that you can deliver at certain points in the customer care life cycle and process with your clients, from the "How did we do it" template to the "Everything else" e-mail.

Using these follow-up submissions will not only keep your current clients satisfied, it will also be a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and conduct deals with them. To view more customer support template files, please click here to access our free downloadable guidelines - 7 e-mail template files for better customer support.

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