Customer Prospect Template

Template for prospective customers

Begin with the sellers of your potential customer. The follow-up is an important part of email prospecting and customer relationship building. ( Ask your sales or customer success team). Every country in the "Country" drop-down list on the "Create prospective customer" page has its own prospective customer template based on the customer template map in NAV.

Perspect Database Template

The sales management and marketing management should create a Prospect template and the sales administrators and professional sales staff should manage it. Our data base includes the name of the firm, the main activities, the adress, the contacts and much more. Every successive call to a leads by a sales administrator or the professional sales staff should trigger a new review of the leads.

sl1020-2 prospect data base should be upgraded after each leading change. Distribution management should check the information provided in the Prospect Databases Template leds on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis to see if the goals for targeted leads, qualifying lead and selling dates are being met. Remember that the organization wants to bundle the effort of the professionals and identify which promotional, merchandising and distribution leads are potential clients who should get a call.

Distribution management should periodically contact marketers to check which marketers offer the highest number and highest percentages of lead, qualifying lead and sell dates.

Configuring the Prospect Template

Every state in the Land drop-down box on the Prospect Creation page has its own prospect template located on the customer template map in MAV. It indicates the kind of currencies, rebates and booking groups that the new potential customer will have. How to customize the template for potential customers: Stage 1: Open the Windows NTAVlient.

Stage 2: Choose "Sales & Distribution > Distribution > Setup > Customer templates": "Customer template card" Different jurisdictions have their own formats for value added tax identification. The shop administrator can define this reformat in the store administrator's native language (NAV) for each state. Provided a one-of-a-kind tax code is specified for a chosen destination state, when creating a potential customer, the shop administrator can only type the tax code in the tax code box in that state.

In order to define the value added tax scheme for a country: Stage 1: Open the Windows NTAVlient. Stage 2: Choose'Sales & marketing >ales > setup > customer templates'. 3: Choose 'Administration > Application setup > General > Countries/Regions'. Stage 4: Choose a destination and click on the Related Information -> Country/Region icon and choose Value Added Tax (VAT) Reg.

Stage 5: You can specify the sales tax identification number style for this state in the Sales Tax Reg. You can use three icons to specify the sales tax identification number style:

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