Customizing Wordpress Themes for Beginners

Wordpress theme customization for beginners

Wordprocess WordPress Topic Customizing 101 (for beginners) The WordPress Topic Customizing 101 is a beginner's course for more sophisticated WordPress adaptations and changes. It is the first of a set of "Watch over my shoulder" styled WordPress customisation classes that you can take as I guide you through the precise procedure to make custom and diverse adjustments to actual sites that I have either built myself or adapted for you.

This first " 101 " course takes you through a very simple WordPress themes Customizing that includes a website I created for a customer. In the first part of this course you will learn the fundamentals and understanding of WordPress themes, so that you have a good overview of how themes and WordPress work with contents, plug-ins, etc.

Once this fundamental comprehension is established, I go through the whole procedure, from a new installation of WordPress without adjustments to a final website...from the identification of how the website should look like, to the required functionalities a final website that has achieved the objectives and made my customers very satisfied.

In addition to the built-in changes to topic customizations that we're going through, I also make very easy and fundamental corrections / functionalities in the topic handling, the use of plugins, the administration and the contents layouts.... as well as making the website "beyond response time" where it is able to recognize the kind of devices that access it and provide custom contents. This is also the 101 course, the very first in a range of more sophisticated WordPress trainings designed for users from beginner to intermediate.

I' ll make it easier for you to make your adaptation so that you are not overloaded and can get an overview of every new class, theoretical approach, principles and steps we take along the way. It is my aim to help you reach a convenient comprehension for customizing WordPress themes to your needs and preferences, so that you can set up and adjust your WordPress page simply to search, work and work exactly according to your wishes, objectives and needs.

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