Selling - Download exclusive royalty-free photos, search for free photos and find Stock Vector Art, buy and sell them. Cutcaster values our people and is dedicated to making the most of your photo and vector sales at The Cutcaster gives you a number of great advantages, all of which are designed to help you make money. Be sure to check the box to indicate that you want to resell your images on Cutcaster.

The Cutcaster service provides ample license fees. - 55% Express license fee rate: You earn 55% of the selling prices for all pictures you are selling. If you decide to use Cutcaster to sell your pictures on an exclusively commercial base, you are entering into a sale agreement with us to purchase your pictures only on or your own website. It is also possible to buy your pictures on paper (DVD, CD, etc.).

Don't resell the pictures by downloading them from another third parties website or stick photograph website similar to Make 40% of the sale for all the pictures you are selling. If you decide to use Cutcaster to sell your Image (s) on a non-exclusive base, you enter into a sale agreement with us to purchase Image (s) for downloading through, but you may also resell your Image (s) for downloading or on paper through another third person.

When you recommend the purchaser of your picture, you will get an additional 10% on your license fee. Your monthly receipts for your purchases in a given calendar months will be received within a few working days of the end of the calendar months, but no later than the fifteenth following year.

Failure to meet the $25 withdrawal requirement in a given withdrawal cycle will result in winnings being transferred to the next withdrawal cycle. It is also possible to claim a withdrawal if your winnings reaches $25. Login to your Moneybookers and select Profiles from the Profiles drop-down list in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please click Request Withdrawal and obey the on screen prompts. The 30% deduction at source may be lowered or waived if you are domiciled in a taxation agreement jurisdiction and Cutcaster provides a duly filled-in entitlement to the agreement. It is Cutcaster's responsibility to obtain a W-8BEN, which is not a US person or permanent residence, from any payer who requests a license fee payment and obtains license fees from our website.

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