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Cute decoration, childhood nostalgia, and colorful kitsch are three things that take the upper hand at weddings with Kawaiian themes. The theme is about making your wildest and most caricatured dreams come true. KINDERMUSEUM: Embrace your inner child by concentrating your theme on a children's museum. For so many wedding themes, choosing a wedding theme can be a difficult decision. We have all the ideas and advice you need to get your subject right.

Spirituality (and scarcity of it)

but what about your subject? It' only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the marriages we have presented - what about boato-marriages? What about country wedding? Gay marriages? We share unusual marriages since 2007, so the odds are good if you can imagine it.... we published it!

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Best 20 Wedding Themes - Wedding Colour Themes

Everyone wants their wedding to be why not go the additional mile to make the subject totally special for you and your SO? These thought-provoking marriages, which reach from fairytale-like inspiration to all sorts of sweet things, were a delight to us. Colourful wedding themes are loved, but this chick went a little further by filling her big wedding night with fluorescent colours.

The Nashville chick went down the hallway with a nylon green haze and a shiny rose coloured auto, wearing tubular red flower and coconut leaf, to see her bridegroom wearing a shiny bluish outfit. New York Public Library organized this literature wedding in which a chuppa of ancient book was covered with several hundred light bulbs.

The librarians assisted the visitors to find their places and the visitors were even given accompanying tickets for the bank pass. As if this pair could predict Disney's lived performance "Beauty and the Beast," their wedding surprised with a yellow-red colour pattern, a lobby enclosed by bookshelves, and a fairy-tale gown for the wedding girl.

A wedding that mirrored the lightheartedness of a festivals was a matter of course for two vivacious performers and musician. Carpets from Persia were the main anchors in the woods, covered with greens and blossoms. Classical wedding gown of the fiancée was found in Italy. In order to place a ring on the individual with a soft purple finger, a Gardenloft topic can be perfect.

The Chicago wedding featured breathtaking flower and green decorations hung over farmyard desks, while other non-musical flowers sprang up around every centimeter of the outing. It was the newlyweds themselves who designed and drew invites, programmes, meals and place mats. The wedding took place at the autumn solstice, when the sun is equally bright and even.

Reflecting their particular days, this pair co-ordinated a range of monochrome colours with notes of blues and golds - accentuating everything with charming geodesic and Palmble-leafs. Downton Abbey's elegant and opulent look emerges in this flower-decorated wedding with lovely soft rose accents. Wedding's lace mittens in lace and table's drama candle holders recall all the finesse of the show and the couple's big sun.

There was no shyness of colour at this Aussie wedding: vivid tones of colour filled the bride's pompom crowns, mermaids wore heart-shaped silk ballons (and not bouquets), and thousand of bands were spread all over the location. Kate Spade is epitomized by a range of monochrome palettes, accentuated with rose or rose coloured tops, and this wedding has rounded it off to perfection.

In order to imitate the 1950s Disney vinyl atmosphere, this pair (who gathered while awaiting their favourite Disneyland ride) was planning a wedding with "Once Upon A Dream" as their first dancing, personalised guest silhouettes as a retrospective of Disney's classical aesthetics, and a vintage-style wedding dress.

Although this wedding took place in Palm Beach, it reminded of the whole tragedy of the Palace of Versailles. Floral arrangments of hydrangea, rose princesses, acido rose and vanda orchid muted the ceremonial in profusion, while the sumptuous setting of the Mar-a-Lago club's dance hall (yes, Trump's Mar-a-Lago club) provided an extravagant setting.

As two turtledoves, this pair took their wedding ceremonies with them to the forest of Northern California. Undoubtedly a subject with a touch of mysticism, this wedding showed a series of lilac and rose petals between the grapevines, while a wedding bow was holding a single rocking (here decorated with petals and the wedding cake).

As the wedding invitation said "Cutest Wedding Ever", the wedding party should have thought that this would be an extraordinary one. The wedding was inspiring, with sweets and all kinds of sweets, and it presented magical clothes, "little heart" ribbons that were reminiscent of old videogame art, and bunches of foster bears. The wedding in Atlanta led to the tree in a wonderful tree house environment.

Naturally and deliberately, the pair held back the remainder of the theme: a bunch of green and a few blossoms of pure whiteness, a classical bridegroom outfit and a traditionally dressed wedding gown for the newlyweds. These weddings can only be the defining element of cosy and cosy. An enthusiastic pair of skiers knotted the knots on a mountain peak in Switzerland, and the big event was rounded off with alphorners, Glühwein, cheesefondue, many dinner cards and of course these beloved Saint Bernard canines.

As a New York pair wanted to get wed outside but couldn't find the ideal place in the middle of their metropolitan jungles, they chose to provide the outside with a ceremonial room reflecting a tropichouse. Every maid of honor wore a twig of palms. The wedding theming included a basic open-air set up based on the natural beauties of the countryside, handcrafted pine blossoms for a bunch of bouquets and of course many bows and arrows.

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