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That includes cute themes. More than 50 of the best female, sweet and female WordPress themes. Low-profile themes are included for blogs and businesses, but they don't fit into every corner. Fashions, lifestyles and other alcoves dominating a more female mass also demand female and even "cute" style. Topics with these lifestyles usually use a clear, minimalistic basis and are built on it with cute and feminine colours, images and type.

These are the best sweet and sexy WordPress themes. There is a strong focus on logging topics, but there are also a few WooCommerce and WooBusiness topics. Topics are targeted at mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, parents and baby bloggers and all women's bloggers. Featuring palette colour patterns, women's type faces, thin, sleek line - Take a look at our hand-picked WordPress themes page, which has been upgraded for 2015.

The Paisley is a female blogs topic that uses a large headers on the homepage and shows your blogs in a minimalistic grids outline. is a cute blogs topic that puts its whole emphasis on your contents. The Quinn is an elegant female businesstheme for weddings designers, fotographers, florists and similar people.

The GlowLine is a cute, stylish and minimalistic blogs topic that uses a slide bar at the top of the homepage and allows you to view your latest blogs in a wide range of different format. Beethoven is a WooCommerce topic for merchants who produce and distribute their own retail brands.

The Olsen is a minimalistic blogs topic that uses an elegantly and femininely styled name. Developed specifically for the blog' s fashions and lifestyles niche. Britany is a minimalistic blogs topic that uses a feminine-heavy styling. Bakery is a universal WordPress topic for the bakery. Can be used as a commercial topic to present your bakery products and service, but can also be used as a WooCommerce topic when you are selling bakery products on-line.

The Camila is an elegantly blogged topic with a slightly female touch. This uses a neat lay-out that includes a post slip at the top of the home page and a number of hyperlinks that you can use to point to other areas of your blogs or website in general.

The Tiffany is an e-commerce brand that has been developed for the craft and DIY markets. A " sweet and colourful " topic for blogs, perfect for craft/ DIY blogs, books, and similar alcoves. It uses a default logroll and has a side bar where you can place multiple widgets, one of which is an About Me Widget.

The Jacqueline is a cute and slim topic for trainers and advisors. Use a large slide bar on the home page followed by a section to describe or imagine your company. The Zarya is a cute and stylish blogs topic specially developed to convey a "feminine touch".

Aesthetics is one of the most elegant and classy blogs on this blog. They use a female styling that fits perfect to the trendy and trendy niche. The Doberman is a cute topic developed for "viral" contents. Uses a light and colourful homepage and allows you to use esthetically appealing tagging on articles such as "LOL", "OMG" and "CUTE".

The Leda is a sleek, minimalistic blogs topic developed for fashions, lifestyles, travel and similar recesses. It' s characterized by an elegant female look and allows you to select from a variety of different layout to view your work. The Lynette is a cute and sexy blogs topic developed for foods people. You can view your latest postings in a variety of ways across your home page, including a side bar that lets you view an About Me widget, and more.

SAMANTA is an e-commerce topic that uses a cute and stylish look throughout its allure. Stylish is a slim topic developed for women's and men's fashion magazines and life story boards. He uses a cute and feminine styling in his designs. There is also an integrated WooCommerce solution. Get to know Olivie Thema; developed for mode, Beauty- and lifestyle-Blogger.

It comes with a special email invitation under the handle. Join Marilyn Topme; developed for fashionable life style Blogs and Pages. No matter whether you are a full-time blogscript or an emerging fashionstylist, mirror the fancy, classy side of you in your Marilyn themed website. Join the celebration with Kelly Topic, whether you run a website for your favorite parties style service or a blogsite with great parties style and inspirations.

Get to know Isabelle, a fancy and sexy WordPress word processor for classy blogs. Using auto-slider to emphasize your favorite reviews or category & engineered to display excerpts from reviews with thumbnails in two column views (see demonstration website). Feel comfortable in your blogs with Isabelle themme. Use Geraldine to show off your bizarre Geraldine tag, whether you're just launching a bridal boutique or running your events scheduling store for a while.

No matter whether you are looking for a WordPress topic for your confectionery store, your florists' shop or your cosmetic parlour, this nice and neat, reactive multi-purpose display is for anyone who wants to present their portfolios in a fun, uniquely female way. The CuteCake is a premium one-page WordPress topic. It' s uniquely and flexibly.

Ideally suitable for the bakery, ice creams, gifts, etc.. Mami Blog is a really sweet WordPress topic that is suitable for a children's company or a website for home moms. There is a large headers on the home page and a smaller headers on the inside pages.

Wind Cake is a one-page WordPress topic, perfectly suited for your choices. This is a very cute, cute and one-of-a-kind subject, great for the bakery, icecream parlour, gifts and more.... You also have 4 colour themes - blau, purple, orange, grün - and you can choose your own colour themes using the colour selector to customise the themes for all your work.

Featuring a cute little look, this range has been specially designed to present tasty pastries and other confectionery wares. You can see the high definition images in the custard look, which show the best side of the subject and make the mouth watery. It is a nice and girlish WordPress-Topic. Featuring a sheet image in headers look, cute, co-ordinating typefaces that are used everywhere, and a smooth range of blues and greys.

The Golden Lounge is a wonderful WordPress Thread. Designed to offer cute typefaces that are everywhere in use, a distinctive headers look and a yellow-grey colourway. Grace is a nice and stylish WordPress-Topic. Characteristic of this subject is a nice flowery head pattern with an elegantly styled typeface and a nice wood wallpaper.

It is a WordPress topic that is both sexy and intimate. It offers a range of rose and grey colours and a funny typeface used throughout the whole subject. With girlish designer touches, colour tops and a clear minimum aesthetics, away it all. We introduce the Honeycrisp, the latest addition to a new line of Angie Makes themes.

Honeycrisp distinguishes itself with a slim, sophisticated styling with many great adjustment option and easy operation. The Girly is a WordPress topic that is easy to use but at the same place very flexible and efficient. Stylish contemporary designs paired with beautifully designed types give this topic a distinctive note and draw your eye to the most important thing: your contents.

Offer is for a fully reactive WordPress submission and blood site, "The Harper Ann". "This ingenious, neat and easy design has a fully charged backend dashboard so you can make numerous adjustments. The Hoyden is a simplified WordPress topic. It' re a great topic for those who like to create minimalistic blogs.

EnyMeeny is the most versatile blogs topic for WordPress. Let us have a look at the available functions! She is slim and slender with her minimalistic touch and her clear styling, but she is sure when it comes to feature sets. The Foodie Pro is the most versatile Genesis theming yet - with a minimalistic look and many colour and typographic choices.

The PixelPower is a neat, advanced, powerful WordPress Tumorblog styled topic developed for a broad range of applications, from blogs to corporate designs. Reactive web redesign adjusts from large to portable displays, simply adjust the size of the web browsers to try it out, no extra set-up needed! A fast-reacting WordPress blogs with postal content and online content.

There are some great functions like: fast reacting designs, brickwork galery, fast reacting light box, softwares, translatable pages, endless side bars and colours, 27 wallpaper and more! Hand-made is a kitchen topic with a nice, elaborate outline. While it has some great functions like nice art Galleries, Homepage, Insert your own Slogan and Share your own social.

"is a WordPress Retro-style theme." Morephis is a highly reactive WordPress application that adjusts to any web width, resolution or device. It' a great topic, great for your own blog or to present your portfolios. His clear and minimalist styling matches the contemporary look of today's web designs without compromising neat, high-quality coding.

It' s the flawless equilibrium of shape and functionality. The Responsive WordPress topic, developed for free-lance designers, is based on what is known as native WordPress. Comes with many great things to do like Scale managers, Infinite Portfolios (including style AJAX portfolio), Adjustable items in colour, fonts and wallpaper, and pattern. Minimum WordPress topic for your private blogs that is fast and easy to respond to.

Infinite colour schemes. Sleek, classy styling and poised for portable use. Designed for your comfort and pleasure! This is one of the most beloved themes of Organic Themes, Portfolio makes its name good. Perfect for photogalleries and picture-rich blog posts, this topic provides a neat display case for your contents with many distractions.

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