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A coworker said, "What about Big Daddy?" Big win for .co domain. Daddy Go makes the standard selection for new registration.

Although this certainly does not indicate the end of domain, it is a symptom that the domain is out. Remember that the .co had its big appearance as the first true contest for domain this year. The. com domain name has been a permanent fixture for nearly 26 years and with over 90 million sites under its roof, it was only a question of getting the momentum right for further expansion.

Go Daddy, the world's biggest domain registry site, has today made a rather drastic move to its home page, suggesting that a switch to the .co-era may have been made. Rather than using .com as the standard domain selection in his field, Go Daddy has changed courses and is now using .co as the standard domain selection.

When you consider that Go Daddy is the place where nearly fifty per cent of domain registration take place, this is a great triumph for .co and those who own .co domain names. It' s also a big gain for Go Daddy, because .co domain names usually costs about three time as much's.

Not a single thing about whether it's a perpetual or a transient guideline, but we've contacted Go Daddy to make a statement, and we'll be updating it as they reply.

Where can I get a domain name that belongs to someone else? Go Daddy or network solutions better?

You sound, als ob Sie den Domain Buy Dienst Service von Godaddy möchten com/domains/d..... den Network Solutions (NSI) Certified Offer Dienst http://www.networksolutions. com/......... I' ve been selling domain names through both kinds of shops and I' m getting requests from both shops. Godaddy's trial support representative is involved after the first request, and if you have a higher Godaddy trial agent balance, I can see you getting a representative who would keep your hands through the game.

There have been a lot of people for higher buck selling, so I person they person any person of dramaturgy establish on your message cost, as to whether you get an businessperson titled on your repute or merely in an electronic communication. I' ve been selling a domain for 6 characters through a liaison that came through godaddy through one of their own personal broker.

I' ve been selling a domain for 5-digit numbers through NSI, all without any face-to-face contacts or a salesman sending me an email. An area where it can be advantageous to engage a private brokers (and I would like to suggest others besides myself) is if you are not able to find an ownership or get an answer from them.

A broker who has search capabilities and/or domain range connections may be able to turn to a domain holder and initiate a debate faster and easier than an NSI or Goaddy automatic e-mail client. They can find out who the domain belongs to and directly approach him and ask if he wants to resell it.

Alternatively, if the domain is about to expire, then you can sign it up for domain name capture service such as, and You will try to get it on the date and time the domain is abandoned (because the domain holder didn't paid the fee), and if they succeed, you will get it (usually about $60 per domain).

Did you search the WHOIS for these two areas? So if the reply is yes, then you know who the proprietor's own or the registrar's is, so I would try to contact them directly by going around all the pages of the sale and so on. In most cases, the eBay is a place where domain names of a certain value that have elapsed are resold by the registration authority that holds them to another registration authority (future owner), and if they are not resold, they are returned to their registration authority.

If the other side that has the domain name you want is willing to resell it to you, then you just went into a tile partition. If the domain name has elapsed, is about to expire, or is for purchase only, you can use the After Market Service to obtain that domain name.

There are also "backordering" sevices that can help speed up the process of purchasing a domain name immediately after it expires, as you have already agreed. While there are sites that sell domain name, it may be more expensive than a new domain name. I suggest that you think about another term for this domain, in this case you can really safe a lot of moneys.

However, this is not convenient, but you can get this domain for FREE if it expires and the domain holder does not extend it. What's the use of trying to buy a domain name? You may, however, need to buy a specific host schedule. However, it makes more sense to have if you have web site planning than just a domain name.

A lot of web-hosting providers, offering this kind of scheme, where you can get free domain names.

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