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At a glance, it provides an overview of your blog's posts, pages, comments, topics and spam. Brilliant 11 admin themes to refresh your dashboard No matter whether you are creating a website for a new customer or working on a website yourself, by adapting the WordPress Administrator, the day-to-day work of working on a website behind the curtains becomes more enjoyable....

Adjusting the WordPress background with an administrator theme is an easy way to give your installation a new look that differs from the grey and red theme we're used to (if you haven't already done so).

When developing websites for customers, by deploying an administrator theme you can not only redesign the frontend, but in many cases make it simpler, making it simpler for them to use. Last when we tried the theme based administration was 2014 and since then many great features have become available.

We' re going to look at some great free and high quality WordPress administration topics in this article. But if you have never used an administrator theme before, you will be interested to know that these are plug-ins and not topics. However, before we get into the administration topics below, I'd like to briefly introduce our Ultimate Branding plug-in, which lets you fully customize your WordPress dashboard, your log-in screens, menus, color scheme, and much, much, much more.

In fact, you can try the plug-in for free with over 100 other plug-ins and topics if you launch a free 24/7 evaluation version for 24/7 technical assistance, unrestricted upgrades and service. Like our first election, the Slate Admin theme doesn't go into the city to redesign the backend, but focuses on making the existing a little smoother and simpler to use.

There is also an appealing emphasis on the contents in the mail client, where the standard deployment is much less overloaded than the standard one. Fancy Admin's UI theme keeps things neat and tidy with a standard blue-grey colour theme that you can customise using the settings area.

It also minimises the standard WordPress brand-name and makes it an outstanding choice to base your presentation on when presenting your clients your own brands. Materials Management Theme moves the standard administrator theme in a slightly different vein, building on the recent lean towards materials styling. Like most of our free theme choices, it doesn't require much extra features, but increased contrasts, neat type and some subtle transparent effect make it an appealing alternate to the standard administrator.

With the five free choices we've described above, you have basic ways to refresh things in the backend and, in some cases, basic ways to quickly create customer experience. And the next six that we' re going to look at are all premier offerings and will get things moving with more advanced customisation capabilities.

Available for a very affordable price of $15, WPShapere gives you a high level of freedom when it comes to setting up the WordPress backend. You' ve got full re-branding option for the logon page, full controls over the sort and display of the administration menus, and an easy to use option window to link everything together.

Featuring wholesale labelling and multisite capabilities, and compatible with WooCommerce and other plug-ins such as Visual Composer and Contact Form 7, this is an incredibly high performance and compelling pricing choice. Also, the First Administration theme costs just $15 and offers you a reduced rate of backend Customisation for playing.

You have the option to customise the top panel with your own personal design, text controls, and nine colour scheme choices. It is a white-label WordPress administration theme with 20 different built-in variations to select from, along with the option to build your own fully custom design.

It gives you full content and menus lay-out controls, assists you in creating nice user-defined logon screen and allows you to fully white-label the backend for customers. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Ultra WordPress Admin Theme follows a similarly broad legacy paradigm, offering 30 pre-defined theme choices, along with the option to customize your own.

You also have full command over the top level administration panel and all links to the administration panel, in additional to the possibility to adjust your log -in pages and add user -defined brands to them. Available for $22, Ultra Administrator seamlessly blends into BuddyPress, BudbPress and WooCommerce. Somewhat uninspired, the WordPress Administrator theme further increases the number of built-in colour themes, with 43 stunning choices (some of which can be seen in the below video).

We''re closing our listing with StuffWP, one of the most formidable administrative plug-ins available at a $15 deal rate. The plug-in is loose built on Google's materials designing principles and offers you a really different looking backend for your own or customer pages, making customisation a cakewalk.

Single items can be modified at will and functions like drag-and-drop reorganization of the administration menus allow you to make things beautiful and quick. Like many parts of WordPress, the area of administration topics will undergo enormous changes over the next 18-month period - especially since the REST API is now fully integrated into the kernel.

We will probably develop totally different apps that offer entirely new solutions for managing a WordPress site. Automattic WordPress.com Calypso is the first of its kind in the field and represents a very important evolution. It is probably still too early to make tough and quick forecasts about which way the adjustment of management will go, but a number of points are pretty sure bets:

JavaScript-based apps using the REST API will be a serious alternate to the present plug-in eco-system, and the currently somewhat undersupplied area of user-defined administrators will be a heated area for designers to discover. It is likely that user-defined management surfaces will evolve for specific site vertical. It will be some while before we see the next surge of WordPress administrators, and the set of plug-ins we have mentioned above should offer you many ways to optimize the WordPress administration experiences for you and your customers in the meantime.

For those who are particularly interested in customizing, be sure to read our contribution to building the ultimate custom CMS for even more choices. Are you using an administrator theme? Are you using one of the choices we discussed in this paper?

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