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Actual local time in Melbourne. Slide the slider to select a time for a sharing announcement anywhere in the world. To change the date, click the calendar in a time zone row.

jump to a time zone - Returns the time of a time zone.

When you know the value of the utility TCP offsets, you can transfer it and determine the time with the following function:. You can use Intl.DateTimeFormat: : 'Europe/London', : 'numeric', : 'numeric', : 'numeric', : 'numeric', : 'numeric', : 'numeric', }, . ([], .

Unfortunately, browers are not obliged to interpret time zones other than unTC, so try these block and find an alternate if it does fail, e.g. get the time zone shift from a remote host. Make a date object: //nd = 3600000 + nd; ); "#local" ).

You can use getUTCDate() and its getUTC...() method to get hold of a time base time and then translate it. You can use and work with valueOf(), which gives back the number of seconds in unix seconds since the Unix era, if you like, but it will probably be much more involving.

You can use the getTimezoneOffset() methods to return the time differences between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and your listening time in mins. If your time area is GMT+2, for example, -120 is used. Hint: This is always used in combination with a Date item. "is that the timezone is local: NO, you have to get it from the serverside.

When it is really important that you have the right date and time, it is best to have a backup on your servers (which, of course, you did in UTC) that will return the time. Then you can set a new date on the clients and comparing the data and if necessary adjusting all data with the offsets of the servers time.

That is the time between your time area and GMT. Search other issues marked with date time zones in Java script or ask your own one.

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