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Dezibel WordPress theme for bands & musicians; croma. Decibel Supports - Professional Music WordPress Theme Another frequent problem that can arise for new WordPress theme installation adopters is the "Broken theme and/or style sheets missing" alert that appears when they attempt to load or enable the theme. However, this does not mean that the design you bought is defective, only that it was wrongly submitted.

Answers the buyer's question and provides restricted technical assistance through its own technical assistance system. Article assistance includes: Article assistance is not included:

Best 20 Top 20 WordPress Topics For 2018 Musics

Searching for the best WordPress theme for your favorite songs? Here is a listing of 20 nice and versatile Wordpress topics for musicans, groups, performers and anyone in the musical world. OSCILATOR is a WordPress theme for musicans, dj', events organisers, night clubs and everyone in the amusement world. The Lucille is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme that' s perfect for a musician, artist, group, producer or anyone working in the musical world.

The MusicFlex - WordPress Theme is a comprehensive, versatile and easy-to-use WordPress theme for the entire content management world. It can be fully customised with minimal fuss, making this theme ideal for musician, groups, soloists, guitars, piano players, percussionists, bass players and musical performers of all styles such as hardcore, popular, trendy, hip-hop, jazzy, etc.

The Popbelly is a nice WordPress theme for groups, artists and brands. The Sonic is a WordPress theme for artists, groups, radio, record companies, studios, festivals etc.. The Colibri is the ideal WordPress theme for singers, dj', groups or other hard-working people. is a WordPress theme developed solely for web sites of groups, record companies, studios, festivals, dj' or singers.

The Solala WP is devoted to artists, groups, albums and all music-related business and entertaining sites. The Remix is a WordPress theme that can be used for your favorite songs: songs, clubs, parties, events, magazines, classical songs, podcasts, artists, masters, artists, sopranos, pianists, webmasters, etc. The Decibel is a WordPress theme devoted to musicans, groups, labels or anyone who is involved in the musical business and would like to build a professionally designed website.

The Croma is the ideal WordPress theme for musicians, bands, dj' and producer. From the very beginning it was conceived and developped for today's musical industries. Croma offers many ways to show your artwork, album, and musical works, with full inclusion of all the socially connected networking sites needed to support and communicate your art and the sites that make meaning to the musician/artist in you.

The Kentha is the ultimative Responsive WordPress Theme. Audiovisualizers, non-stop musical players, performers, event, podcast and more. Kentha's infinite musical potentials make it the ideal theme for DJs, performers, groups, music companies, nightclubs and vocalists. It is a WordPress theme for every musical group, every artist, every DJ, but also for your own website, your own weblog, your own web site or your own webstore.

is a WordPress theme with a fun, contemporary look that is best suited for groups, DJs, vocalists, performers, radio, shows, and entertaining Web sites. This theme contains 3 homepage-layout, which enable you to give all necessary information about the DJ's compositions, the diskography or an imminent musical happening. This topic can also be interesting for musical directors, musician, or anyone in the musical world.

The Decibel is a WordPress theme for groups, DJs, singers as well as any artists involved in the creative industries who want to show their talents and sound to the rest of the family. The Anthem is a WordPress theme with a contemporary design that is ideal for musicans, groups, concerts, musical performances or anything else that' s important for the record business.

The theme comes with many functions like movie player, album listing, video player, video gallery, events style, gallery style, blogs style and more. The Soundboard is a powerfull WordPress theme with functions for groups and solos. Soundboard lets you view your tours, diskography, videos, pictures and the sale of your tape items - it has just about everything you need for a tape website.

Specially developed for Entertainer, Principal Artist, Band, Event Organizer, Radiosender and all types of artist.

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