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Best altitude for dropping pictures: Easy tips to get it right! Suspended artwork can be fiddly - some folks have a good eyes for it and can put a work of artwork perfect on the walls while others fight to make it right (so many folks suspend artworks way too high)!

This is the right article for you if you are one of the fighters and can use help finding the best altitude for paintings on the walls, hints for suspending groups of paintings and other hints for suspending works of artwork! I share all my must-have hints that make it easy to put up the next one!

So much havoc in our home this year (yes, I'm looking at you, you timeless sucker in a kitchen!), I was behind with everything, even the autumn decorations. So, instead of going full on autumn this year, I keep things super easy and stick with just a few case favourites as I get our home back in order for me to be willing to go full steam on my Christmas decoration (the Holidays are here before we know it)!

And while I see myself as a shopping boy and find the best offers in many shops on-line, it's just a matter of just wait for a sell, on eBay there are many little tips for getting things for your home at a good value. You just have to know what you have to do.

Meet our K├╝che Eat-In Area unveiling! Besides all the big changes we've made this year to our complete refurbishment of the existing galley, we've also made some smaller changes to our adjacent living area that I'd like to be sharing with you today! Partitioning of our whole home, our galley included, is somewhat uncommon as it is an old home that was rebuilt several places before we purchased it.

Our kitchen-living area is one of these complements, which connects to the majority of our living area - look at the small partition on the right..... By the time we completed our it-took-forever conversion last months, we had the nice new kit we had been dreaming about, but we also had a parking lot that seemed like it was from an Hoarders installment.

Honestly, it wasn't exactly clean and orderly before our refurbishment, but the inclusion of additional tooling, mold patterns, packing material, paint requirements, and a solid coat of building fume led to the next stage of chaos:

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