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An English learning definition of the theme: the main theme discussed or described in a letter, film, etc.: a particular theme or question discussed often or repeatedly; the particular theme or idea on which the style of something (such as a party or a room) is based. a theme of discourse, discussion, meditation or composition; theme: a unifying or dominant idea, a motif, etc.

, as in a work of art. a short, informal essay, especially a school composition. The fear of getting married is a big theme in romantic comedies. The ancient Greek theme (Latin and French) gives rise to this word, whose many related applications all have to do with the idea of the "main theme of something". Specify a topic (noun) and get synonyms.

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Chomsky's key theme is that the emergence of an open discussion is an illusion. For the Prime Minister, the need to empower the domestic sphere was a constant theme. developed or repeated. One of the novel's key topics is the multi-year struggle between men and woman. Munch' s paintings refer to another theme in his work on which a musical composition is founded.

from Mozart's The Magic Flute. This program has a terribly memorable theme. theme, 1. b. 3. a. b. 5. First, they contain the source for many of the concepts, subjects and plot of the opera. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Show more...: A theme in a document, debate or work of artwork is an important concept or theme.

Might is the main theme of the work.

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An issue can be a fundamental theme of a debate or a recurrent theme in an artwork. Fear of marriage is a big theme in romance and comedy. This word is derived from the old Greeks theme (via Latin and French), whose many related applications all have to do with the concept of the "main theme of something".

Musical can be a recurrent tune in a piece of writing or a whole track in a piece or movie (a title song). "It was a Wild West theme at the theme park."

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In 90% of cases British voice actors use only 7,500 words in word and deed. It is common for one-star words to be common, for two-star words to be common, and for three-star words to be common. Synonym and related word thesauruses are fully incorporated into the glossary. To see the nouns and related words for that term, click the name of the relevant topic under the `thesaurus' header icon in an item.

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