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Envato account delete

To delete your Envato account. Select "Select a department" and fill in the form with your request to remove your account. It is necessary to ensure that an authorized person closes the account. Please follow the instructions and delete your profile.

Unsubscribe - Envato Elements Help Center

Cancellation of your Envato Elements subscriptions is possible at any moment. To unsubscribe, please complete the following procedure. If you are subscribed to Envato Elements, click My Account. Click on "Cancel your subscription" below the field Zahlungsdetails. Click on'Cancel my Envato Elements subscription' if you would like to proceed.

Now your unsubscription will be canceled and not extended. Envato Elements is accessible until the next due date for your subscriptions. Once you cancel your unsubscribe, you can only use articles that have been licenced for using the Item for the Item you specified during the licensing process.

Subscriptions that you buy at a special offer will not be re-subscribed at a reduced cost if you choose to extend your membership. After my cancellation, what happens? From now until the date your plan was renewed: Keep your existing unsubscription on.

Your membership would have been extended after the date: You will no longer be billed for your purchase unless you opt to sign up again. They can see a listing of the elements that you have previously licenced and still use them for the project for which they are licenced. Cannot browse and print new articles, even if they are already licenced.

When you re-register, you will be billed a new rate (at the latest at this time).

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Often, public text/images are not correctly erased, even if you manage to erase an account. Attempt to edit or delete them by hand before you delete the account itself. When you are not sure what will happen to your track, please refer to the General Conditions / Privacy Policy; otherwise you can always ask Envato for assistance.

Incidentally, a request for erasure does not necessarily mean that your personal information will actually be erased (e.g. due to statutory obligations). When you sign up for Envato with a third-party logon such as Facebook or Twitter, you probably want to withdraw all Envato traffic.

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