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Devi Mega Menu Demo

Use our state-of-the-art plug-in to customise an infinite number of mega-menus, even if you have no knowledge of coding. Using handheld and automated integrations, there is no lack of the way you tailor your menu in your blogs. WordPress multi-site and children theme assistance is an additional advantage.

A full palette of menus allows you to seamlessly customize and customize your style for each topic. You can show or hide menus on the unit depending on your display area. Different Widget and Tab s help you to organize the various choices of the main window and to create a cascading list according to your needs.

Google Fonts offers a variety of fonts available in a truly personalized environment that leaves nothing to be desired in your favorite online fonts. Drop-down animation adds a refinement that sets your blog apart from the many other WordPress blogs on the web today.

The Metabox is accessible and you can modify the topic items for each page or article. Accounts features are easy to use once you sign in to your blogs.

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