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Pre-made Blogger templates are a great design option for bloggers looking for an affordable design with little to no waiting time. Looking for affordable and professional blogger templates or WordPress themes? Stylistic and modern blog template Money: Are you looking for affordable and pro blogger templates or WordPress themes? You can also get an individual design for your own weblog. It looks beautiful, really simple to deploy and simple to use.

You can see a glimpse of it so you can make up your minds at - it's beautiful!

It is a nice and simple topic to use. It was so useful for installing and customizing.

Create a nice new topic for your blogger blog.

Want to give your blogger blogs a refreshing look with a new topic? With the new template designer, you can make your Blogger website look great and look different from the rest. Though it' s not as much talked about on-line as newer blogsites like and Tumblr, Blogger is still a very much loved blogsite as it is free, simple to use and integrates with Google applications.

But Blogger's topics often seemed outdated, and it was hard or even not possible to get a really cool or even contemporary look in Blogger. The Blogger was recently updated with a new Template Designer. In this way, you can quickly choose from several beautiful, contemporary designs and even customise them with colour schemes, stills and graphics.

Let's take a look at how you can customise your own blogs and quickly and simply build a custom look in the new Blogger Template Designer. If you log in to your Blogger Dashboard, you may see a new pop-up that displays the new template designer. Otherwise, choose the Design page in your dashboard, and then click the new Template Designer shortcut.

It will open a new template page showing the new topic option at the top and your current design at the bottom. Let's do something about the old design. On the Template page, firstly, on the Template page, browse to a new design kit and then browse to one of the available variants below it.

There are currently 6 topic kits, but each one has several variants. As soon as you have selected a topic, you will see the changes immediately in your blogs previews at the bottom of the page. When you like the standard design look, you can either store your changes, or you can proceed and modify the colours and backgrounds if you want.

Choose the second tabs at the top right to modify the backdrop and highlight. To choose from a selection of beautiful, free wallpapers from iStockPhoto, click the Wallpaper Buttons. Choose a categorie on the far-left and then click the photo you want to use to add it to your blogs.

You' ll see the changes instantly in your favorite previews; if you like it, click Done, or go back and change it if you like. Returning to the Basic page, you can either click a prefabricated colored gum or click the upper icon to change the basic one. Notice that Blogger adjusts your colour schemes to your chosen wallpaper but you can still adjust it if you want.

Now you can modify the look of your blogs to make them even more customizable. At the top-right corner, click the Layouts page and choose a new one. Note that your page previews at the bottom of the page will revert to the old Blogger design views and you can move items to the desired location using simple Drag-&-Drop.

If you want to eventually adjust font and color on your template blogs, choose the Enhanced page and then the part of your blogs you want to adjust. Even be able to include your own customized style sheet to your design using the Append Style Sheet page. The changes can be seen immediately in the underlying previews, which is a great way to make sure you change them the way you want.

In this way, you can customise your design according to your wishes. When you' re done optimizing your new design, click Applied to blog in the upper right hand corner. Just click the button. Now open your blogs in a new folder. When you like your new design, you're done; otherwise, you go back and optimize a few more until you're satisfied.

For some time Blogger seems to be one of the least working web sites, but with the new Template Designer your Blogger looks great next to more advanced web sites. When you start a new blogs, you might want to try several different sites to see which one you like best.

You can now be sure to have a great design even if your website is on Blogger. Let's update all the old Blogger Bloggs with the new topics!

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