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Our research and findings are translated into memorable web design, development and brand strategy. A unique, award-winning interactive development company. Creative, attractive websites and quality, modern brand design. Sites in the category "Design offices".

Combining arts with technologies

Have worked with a number of domestic brand names and 500 corporations. Click here to see work snippets. Design UI, UX-Strategie, Illustrative Design, Responsive Web Development, HTML5 Canvas Development, Interaction and Motion Design, Print and SoEO. Although it seems pleasant to the eyes, the design begins and ends with research and strategic thinking. Combining our extensive UX strategic knowledge with a fresh feel for design aesthetics leads to attractive, liquid and efficient use.

Mint specialises in delighting your audiences with everything from packing, printing and brands to gaming, interactivity and responsiveness.

Establishing a design office

Establishing a design company requires creative skills, appropriate facilities and professionalism. Among the many kinds of designer are those who specialise in web sites, print and other graphical applications, as well as professional applications, residential and office furniture, manufacturing machines and other fields. Determine which design industries you are interested in and research the necessary technological and financial issues.

Establishing a customer base can take some getting done because you need to demonstrate your knowledge through past work trials, selling off your own idea, and completing a project using industry-standard engineering practices, design tooling, and methodologies. Get an education through a course or study at a design college. Even though it is not necessary to have a previous education to set up a design office, up-to-date technology, process and commercial capabilities give you a head start.

Make a businessplan for your design office. For free information on the U.S. Small Business Administration website and other serious resources, or to commission a management consultancy to help you get your plans ready, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website. Ensure the funding of your planning company from your own resources or with a commercial credit from your local banking institution.

To apply for a credit, you need a professional Businessplan and your own information. Get your own municipal approvals and state taxes from your city council and state authorities. For the operation of a design company no specific licences are necessary. To structure your design deal as a public company, LLC or partner, please consult your State Secretariat for the necessary paperwork, fees and submissions.

Request a taxpayer identification number that corresponds to a social security identification number for fiscal purpose, or use your own social security number if you are a private entrepreneur. You need a workplace large enough to accommodate your gear, and the ideal size is a meeting room or wait area for your design-customers.

Buy your own design and furnishing. Their needs differ by industry, but should encompass furnishings, PBX s, copiers and facsimile machines for your home offices, as well as computers, printers, scanners, cameras, camcorders and design tools for your design studios. Their needs are different, but should cover visiting card, brochure, flyer, letterhead, work order, contract and invoice.

You will also need a website to advertise your company and present your work. Use your portfolios to demonstrate your work and design skills to prospective buyers. Don't miss or discourage traditionally non-computer design techniques such as sketching, modelling, labeling and illustrations. For some design ventures, the use of conventional techniques is required to create a specific effect or to get already graphical components ready for computer improvement and handling.

Become a member of design clubs, attend training classes, sign up for design journals and web sites to keep up with the latest design developments, technologies and sector updates. Design is pointless if it cannot be transformed into a tangible or virtually tangible work. Creative artists must have an understanding of print and web publication workflows, creative artists must have an understanding of materials and production, etc.

Without this information, you run the risks of loosing your image and your trustworthiness. Do never carry out "special" work on the basis of prospective payments, and always use design conventions to safeguard the unauthorised use of work in progress. You can find design contract entry form on the American Institute of Graphic Arts website and from other resources in the business.

He has published in various on-line journals and material for privately held businesses. Mr. McKay has expertise in entrepreneurial, strategic, corporate education, HR, technology as well as musical businesses.

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