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There are 3 easy search options to help you select your website template design. Don't you have the feeling that the more website samples you look at, the more they look the same? Let#s just put that out of the way...

you#re not the best design guy ever - and you#re not a weirdo. It' s quite usual to get a feeling of being stunned when it comes to choosing the right design for your website.

Selecting a design template for your website can be either great fun, totally stunning, or for most folks - somewhere in between. Whilst most website builder offers a multitude of design choices - and some even provide third parties quality artwork that you can buy - it's simple to drowse in a ocean of apparently limitless choices, especially if you don't have a keen sense of design.

We' ve created a range of metrics that we use when creating design proposals for your artwork to help you browse all design choices. These are the 3 criterias you should ask yourself that will help you find the right design for your website: If you don't know where to look for design samples before we begin, here are some website builder they provide for free when you register:

They have over 500 free styles in a very wide number of sectors. Space - they have much less design, but they look really good. What should I select the width of my contents? Generally, most of today's templates have 2 different widths: The full width is when the wallpaper expands the full width of your computer monitor - from the top of your monitor to the right.

This creates the impression that the contents of your website know no bounds. The box width is when your contents have a visual border on the right and right side of the canvas. This is how it felt as if the contents were "wrapped" in a certain area. This is a very common way to lay out your website. It works very well for fast reacting drafts and graphically demanding web sites.

A larger width allows you to add more tab pages to your menubar. If the wallpaper automatically adapts to the monitor, the position of the contents above the picture can move according to the sizes and resolution of your visitors' screens. Please note: When using an appealing theme, please be aware that the direction and direction of the contents may vary according to the web browsers or devices that display the website.

Tradtional web design with professionally, business-oriented design. Box width design works best when you want your contents view to be consistently and predictably across all screen size and resolution. Think about how you want your website to look. Would you like to present a more imaginative, modern design?

Well, if so, a full-width design works well. Would you like your website to look more traditionally and business-oriented? When yes, look at a box width design. However, a full width design can still work well with a full width website and the other way around. What layout of the homepage headers works for me? Most of the homepages of the sites have a kind of headers design.

It is the section at the top of your home page, usually the first thing your users will see when they revisit your site. A picture and text are superimposed on the headers of this design. Please click here to see this Wix pattern. Many website layouts are created with a homepage headers of some kind.

They can contain still photos, slide shows, or even video. But don't let yourself be sidetracked by beautiful imagery or eye-catching design - in other words, don't uselessly choose the kind of design you're most excited about! It is critical to consider whether your chosen homepage heading would eventually help or harm your company.

The head design you choose is a strategy choice, more than a design one. Your homepage headers will successfully convey your key messages to your users. It is the first thing your guests will see and you have very little in the way of first impressions.

In most cases, your users will quickly judge whether they are interested in remaining on your site, or whether they press the "Back" key and exit your site. You need your head area to raise consciousness and comprehension of what you are about instead of just looking good. And now that you have understood the importance of a headers position and its importance for a better comprehension of your visitor, how do you do it?

Various kinds of Headers work best for different kinds of sites. Title of this design has an picture without other contents. Please click here to see this Wix pattern. Only use the statical head in sites that depend a lot on nice photos to win clients - portfolios, hotels, restaurants, some physics or graphics intense sites.

If you own a B&B company, for example, your website should welcome your customers with a compelling picture of your accommodation. The way your company will appear on your website will directly affect your visitors' choice to remain in your B&B. If this is the case, it makes good sense to use a design that has a large or full-page fixed head frame because you want to make an incredible first appearance to your people.

When your company needs text to tell you what to do and how to help your clients, it is not perfect to rely exclusively on a fixed headshot. Imagine a statically designed head picture taking up a great deal of precious above-the-fold room - essentially the area of the display your users see when they first arrive on your site.

So, if your company needs a text to tell it who you are and what you're about, the mere dependence on a fixed headline ( no contents in the picture) could make your users a little baffled about what you're doing. Just being able to rely on an imagery to convey what your website is about could work well for companies like a restaurant, a hotel, or a company that has more to do with lifestyles.

You need to be able to count on more than just a picture for this type of business. Imagine this quest - Is your website easy to explain with a plain picture without text? Headers of this design have an picture with different contents (Text & Buttons). Please click here to see this Wix pattern.

Any website can profit from this kind of homepage headers design - this is the surest option if you don't know what to do. Imagine a fixed head with 4 key items that can describe what your company is all about, just above the crease: Head images should rather serve a supportive purpose than be in the foreground.

This should show your heading, your paragraph and your prime call to Action along with an picture that supports your trade vision. The head of this design is a slide show that displays various pictures. Please click here to see this Wix pattern. Slide show headers are best suited for companies that serve a wide range of client groups or offer more than one key service or product.

When your organization has different solution for multiple client demos, a slide show headers allows an organised presentation of your company's products/services. So, if your organization is focused on a number of different audiences, or if you have a wide range of product/service offers, then a slideshow-based headers might be a good way to address the many audiences or present the diversity of your offers.

Headers of this design are streamed movies. Please click here to see this Wix pattern. Having a wallpaper head is a good way to illustrate your company's missions by presenting the breadth of your company's processes in an appealing way. Motion pictures or movies are very efficient at attracting people's attention, so it is no wonder that many successfull sites use videobackgrounds to enhance commitment and enhance market notoriety.

The majority of small companies can profit from using streaming backgrounds if they are used properly. Below are some hints you should consider when deciding to use a wallpaper design for your website: Using contextsensitive videotape that transmits a news item - don't select shuffle videotapes. Select videotapes that enhance your missions, messages or morale.

You can use a single uniquely designed clip instead of a stick clip to add style to your website and connect with your audiences. One large videofile can dramatically reduce the load time of your website. Below are some samples of sites that use your header very effectively: In-depth wallpaper videotape guideline - see this guideline if you are interested in further discussion on how to deploy a wallpaper videotape on your website to make it look more professionally and further enhance your business.

What design of menubar should I use? A lot of folks have a tendency to steer their attention in the right directions when selecting a website submission. Design is important, but the benefits of design surpass aesthetics every second. The design of the menubar is one of the most underrated items of a website design.

These include menubar type, location, and layouts. What makes the design of the menubar such an important part of your topic? Menus are the most important tools your audiences can use to browse through your website. A roadmap is created to lead your website traffic through your site and where they should direct their interest.

So if a user visits your site and can't find out where they can find the information they're looking for, your site has essentially gone matter how good it looks! Select a clear, sleek design that makes your menus easily readable and accessible. Do not overload your menus with too many side index cards.

However, this can overpower your visitor. Do not use any annoying wallpapers that impair the readability of the menus tab. A few folks like to append unusual wallpapers / textures to menus. Do not use small fonts or exaggerated fonts that make it difficult for your guests to browse. Select the right color scheme like a design-not good at color selection?

If you understand how you want your website visitor to see your website, you will be guided to the kind of menubar design you should choose. Please click on the picture to see this Wix pattern. It works best for sites with a large amount of contents (basically very long pages). Fixed the top or side of the page via the menubar to allow your users to quickly move between pages without having to upscroll.

When your website doesn't have long pages (not hard to content), then a permanent menubar at the top of the page becomes less efficient (and somewhat pointless). If you are not using a permanent menubar design, you have additional design choices for templates. Think about whether your website really needs this function.

80 percent of web sites use this tradition of designing menus. When looking for the menubar, users are conditional to go up to the page. Width of the menubar is restricted by the width of the webrowser. It is a very classical design of the menubar, and with this design you can't be mistaken most of the while.

Navigation on the page is very useful for graphic-intensive sites (e.g. portfolios, restaurants, salons, spas, etc.). Upright menubars are especially useful when your website displays many menubar pages or has menubar headings that are longer than normal. Note that some website template have a " hard " side panel so there is a limitation on how many tab pages you can have.

A number of design template pages have a scrolling up and down menubar, so the number of tab pages you can view is unlimited. It is not too popular to use this menubar style. This works extraordinarily well for graphic-intensive sites where you want your traffic to be focused on immediate traffic rather than looking intuitively for the menubar.

Located at the bottom of the page, the menubar removes all visible detractions and compels your users to concentrate on the immediate contents in front of them. You' ll see these menubar designs in photographs and web sites (interior design, art, etc.). You can also use this menubar styling if you place many of your own hyperlinks in the Contents pane to lead your site traffic through the site.

In this way, you are less dependent on the menubar as you lead your users to different pages with on-page-shortcuts. The design works best for sites that concentrate more on the promotion of their product or service and less on the corporate image. However, since the logotype is on the same layer or is included in the menubar, the logotype resizes to a small extent.

It is also a design mainly used by B2B (business-to-business) companies, where the emphasis is less on brand building and merchandising than on retailing. Naturally, the logotype (branding) is still important, but less so because the logotype dimensions are restricted by the menubar.

Focusing on building a corporate image is the most efficient design option as your company image will be more prominent. Your logos are less limited in terms of sizes, so your customers will be more likely to use them. When yes, the placement of your logos above or below your menubar can help achieve this objective.

Well, now that we've reviewed the 3 key factors that will help you choose the right website design for your website templating needs, let's put the whole thing into action so you can begin to figure out what works for you and your team. We' ll also give you a few good resources where you can begin searching for patterns below.

Stage 1: Choose the best combo for your website: Videobackground - when a videotape works well to tell the history of your mark. Learn how to set up a wallpaper on your website, complete with where to find your favorite movies or template with a built-in wallpaper, in this comprehensive tutorial.

Menue position: Guests can easily find the menubar. Headers Layout - A fixed picture without contents to show the tastiest pictures of your restaurant's food. Location of the menubar - Horizontal upper or lower or vertical sidebar can all work well. Logoposition - Select a centred logotype above or below the menubar to emphasise the style.

Width of Contents - Complete design of contents to display the picture and visually reflect the advantages of customization. Headers Layout - A statical picture with contents that includes a heading, subheading, and call to actions (explaining what you are doing, advantages, and how to log in). Top Menu Bar Location - Horizontally Top (fixed location also works if you have more content), as a top side bar or bottom might be a little too creative/artistic.

Logoposition - Same layer as the menubar to give a look of professionalism and a design of short length to the menubar. And now that you have an initial notion of what you're looking for, you can browse through templates again, but with the advantage of being able to browse themes that don't meet your search requirements.

When you have put together a shortlist of design prospects, it's your turn to select one or two template(s) that you like best. But it can still be difficult to make a definitive choice without first using the website template for a "test drive". When using free design drafts, try adding some contents to each design so you can see which one you like.

They are free, so you can work with any of them to test them. When you use a commercial design pattern, you may not be able to try the design. In this case, we recommend that you thoroughly review the demonstration site and the description of each sample to determine if this design is suitable for you.

It' going to be a little game of chance, especially that a design that' s already bought usually costs between $50 and $150. However, if you find something you really like and apply your due care to it (without actually trying out the design), it might be rewarding to take the chance. Don't know where to find free design samples?

A number of web site creators are offering free themes. With over 500 styles in a very wide range of sectors, Wix can help you find the template that fits your company. They' re very versatile, so you can make a lot of adjustments to your design without even having to know how to encode it. They can see our rating of Wix and how they can help you create a website with ease.

Square Space has some of the best design available today. You don't make many layouts, but their design can make your site look like you've spent tens of millions of dollars to build it. Chosing the right website artwork for your website is like purchasing a home - sometimes it' s a bit baffling and you are scared that you will make the right one.

It is unlikely that you will find the design templates you need to fulfill your 10-page wish lists. This " Einhorn " design probably does not exists, unless you are willing to pay tens of millions for an individual web design. As a side remark, if your company is not yet making much profit, we strongly discourage you from employing a web design professional (see our reasons here).

But if you take a systemic view, such as applying the 3 above described criterions, this can help you limit your selection of hundred styles to a few. Below are a few very recommendable website builder that you can begin with, offering you all the design patterns for free.

We show you 9 easy steps to choose the right Websitebuilder for you. Choose a design that' s built on the needs of your website, not just what you think is "beautiful". You will help us by distributing the message through our website and you will help them!

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