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The Rivers by Design exhibition shows planners, architects and builders the crucial role they can play in restoring rivers. Model-based design for the restoration of the small urban river Panke in Berlin is presented. Prizewinning graphics, website design & brand-building studios - Penrith IT IS OUR OBJECTIVE TO MAKE YOUR DESIGN SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF! It is our goal to enable you by changing your company through creative thinking. It' s not just about creating a company name, website or calling cards for you.

Brands are much more than just beautiful logos. Brands are a fusion of the definition of what you represent, the division of your value and your mission through storytelling, market experiences and yes, eye-catching graphics so you can provide a long-term memento for your customers.

It' this remembrance is the foundation of your trademark - your image, and will take your company to places where it will never land without a powerful trademark. We are a multi-award-winning graphics design agency specializing in creating branded products for both web and printed design. We' re not do it artists, we're thinkers.

Helping you build a franchise, not just a company. This means that our services are an invest in your company and not an effort, as all our drafts have a target in view and a blueprint in mind. Our services are designed to help you achieve your goals. With our one-of-a-kind Personalities System, each and every one of the brands we design or innovate always comes from a place where creativeness is master, personalities are the keys, sound is clearly articulated and expertise is maximized.

At WRD we specialise in the areas of CI and trademarking. We offer our clients our unmatched capabilities in graphics design and website design for companies in the Penrith and Blue Mountains region, Sydney and abroad. We offer a wide variety of design solutions ranging from logo, card, letterhead and other commercial documents to leaflets, booklets and catalogs, indoor, outdoor and automotive signs, as well as online design and creation, online advertising, online advertising and much more.

River by Design > European Centre for the Restoration of River Runways

On this page you will find the most interesting case histories, best practice and other pertinent river regeneration research in Europe. Design by Design shows designers, builders and designers the critical roles they can make in river rehabilitation. Provides hands-on guidance and information to maximize the environmental, socioeconomic benefit of sustainable urban design by incorporating environmental considerations into the design and construction process at all levels.

Steps by steps instructions for project design ensure that the objectives of sustainability are met to satisfy the needs of the community and the surrounding area. RESTORE's case study highlights a number of good practices in how well-situated, scheduled and developed developments can improve environmental standards, mitigate flooding risks and deliver societal and economical advantages such as enhanced leisure amenities and community space.

Case histories presented in this guidance are available as single pdf's below:

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