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Create your own theme

Theme Name: We offer an easy way to create your own Google Chrome Theme online with our free Chrome Theme Creator App. Create your own design theme When you want to design your shop yourself, we can suggest you create your own custom theme - a collection of style guide lines that determine the appearance of each of your shop's elements (size, form, colour and space on a page). The creation of a basic topic in HTML needs skills in web design such as HTML and HTML.

We can help you if you have problems with a user-defined style sheet theme. Make your own design and make your shop look totally different. Where can I find an item in my shop? In order to comprehend how to change the appearance of an item, you need to find out what kind of classes or IDs it has.

To open the Inspektor window press F12 Press Ctrl+B Select the item. Below is an example of how you can modify an item in your branch. Let's say we want to make all the headlines in the product description black. - headings must be black. It allows you to use specific tag to "tell" the web browsers what part of the text is a headline, what part is a section, what line is a hyperlink, etc. The tag can be used to specify the text to be displayed.

is a day to identify the headers. #0000ff; Enable the topic, click "Save". We can now open and view the products page in our shop.... Here you go! There is a headline in color blu in the descriptive text: Also, all first tier headers in your shop will be colored black. What should we do, if we do not want to make all, but only some of the headlines drunk?

But there are specific types that are used in the CSS to achieve this. Categories are sorters that allow you to distinguish similar items and create different style for them. Let's include another headline in the specification and put a category for it: color: F69b4; Store the changes, open the products page - we now have another headline and it's pinky.

Beside the classifications there is another selection tool which can be used in the CSS, the ID. Ideas are different from categories - the same category can be used on many items on a page and one Idea is valid for only one item. Let's append another headline to a descriptive text and put the ID for it:

Now, we are adding a corresponding policy to the user-defined style sheet theme in our shop. Doing something bad with css and messing up my shop. Before you make any changes, your shop will look the way it did before you made any changes.

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