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It' incredibly easy to hide the footer text "Designed By Elegant Themes". These step-by-step instructions will show you how to hide them in seconds. Changing Footer Credits to Divi and Extras When you' re trying to find out how to modify the bracings at the bottom of your Divi or Extras page, the little thing that says "Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress ", here are two fast and simple ways to do this. One is Divi-specifically, the other one uses Javascript to substitute the credit and will work with both Divi and the special topic.

Javascript is an easy adjustment of the first methodology suggested in the charting paper entitled The Footer Credits In Extra on When using Divi, the first way is to navigate to the customizer, find the Customizer and edit the Customizer footing. On the bottom of the bottom line of the page for the bottom line settings you will find the footprint deactivation box (#1 in the screenshot) and below it the footprint edit box (#2 in the screenshot).

Just place your new text (or whatever else you want to add) in this box and off you go. Because Extra has not yet integrated the Footline Enhancer in the Customizer, you can use JavaScript to create the same effect. The following JavaScript will show you that the year is dynamical (it will show whatever the actual year is).

So the only part of this scripts you want to modify is on line five, the bits after the second plus character, just make sure you don't use quotes between the first quote after the plus character and the last quote before the end of the line.

While there are a few choices here, the best way would be to place them in the adding source to the of your weblog box that you find on the Topic page Optionen > Integrate (named Divi or Extra on your WordPress dashboard). Or you can simply plug this source into a source engine and append it to any page where you want to process the credit of the bottom line.

That would mean that you can change the credit for the page base footing. There are other ways I know that involve putting a copy of the footer.php in your kid's topic and modifying it, but if Elegant Themes updates the footer.php, you won't get these changes unless you upgrade the copy you made in your kid's topic by hand.

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