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Graphic designer with DIY tools. The DesignMantic Logo Maker is a tool for generating DIY design that is easy to use and cost-effective. Design graphics: Create logo, website and other DIY tools

DIY graphics tools make it easy to build a corporate image for your company. Begin with a logotype, sketch a visiting map and end with the Website-Builder in few easy stages. Also we have customized solution. This means that you can either make your own designs or choose to use our graphics designers communities to make a truly one-of-a-kind mark.

You no longer have to negotiate with graphics artists. Use our many template options, which include t-shirt themes, leaflets, social header and even printing service, to prepare your corporate communications. Investigate and learn about your peers, buisness theme themes, colour and styling. Locate your company's USP and concentrate your brand strategies and market efforts on it.

Use our free softwares to choose your own designs and build your own personal image. Apply your corporate identities to all your advertising materials: be consistently colour, type and styled, from digitally to off-linebranded. Check out our customized designs. Our committed graphics designer staff is willing to click on a letter to get to it.

Whatever the type of customer -specific solution we provide.

Mantic Design

Could you tell a friend about Design Mantic? Disadvantages: All your logotypes look outdated, and the logotype you make won't be anything special to be proud of to attract your perfect clients. Not only is a beautiful image/symbol a logotype - it must be distinctive and talk to your company and your clients.

It' s not something you can simply make with a Design Mantic artwork... anyone who uses this site earns what they get and doesn't have the commercial sense and strategy to develop a winning franchise.

There are 9 alternative ways to design Mantic

Foundry Logs ite is a professionally designed LogsiteĀ App for Android and iPod Touch that allows you to professionally design your company image in minutes! Within seconds Brandmark generates a custom design for your website, including a colour theme, website artwork and a name. Using profound study to comprehend your style goals, it always generates a truly distinctive trademark.

Build free customized logotypes with a collection of icons. From your input Logoshuffle will generate your own imaginative design concepts. Synthetic intelligentsia, cleverly devised learn algorithms and innumerable scripts, layout and colour variants produce uniquely designed logotypes and provide precise trademarking. Logoshuffle does not require you to be a professional design artist to design your own design!

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