Desktop Browser for Android

Browser desktop for Android

SparklingApps desktop fullscreen web browser. They can even enjoy content from the desktop browser with Flash Player for Android. Connect to the Internet by creating a personal gesture for websites and shared features. By drawing, for example, a letter "D" to go to Duckduckgo, or "B" to go to Bing. The Dolphin Browser offers you a current web browser with which you can talk.

To turn your Android browser into a desktop browser

The one of the most frequent problems with portable web browser is that you get portable version of web sites, a particular issue for honeycomb machines, but also for anyone who uses gingerbread on a cheap counter. However, you can simply get your Android browser to recognize itself as a desktop browser and we'll show you how.

Portable version of web sites can be great - quick to browse, looking at the information needs, only the essentials information. On the ITV Player website, for example, you will be prompted to install the ITV Player application instead of just watching the movie, which is the case with any Flash-enabled Android player. This is because the Android browser is identified as such and the website is taking the appropriate measure.

Luckily, the natively Android browser has the capability to recognize itself as a built-in desktop, it is only invisible. It might look like it didn't do anything, but go to the preferences panel and you'll find new items there. You are looking for a new UAString name. In the UAString window, open UAString and choose Desktop.

Go back to your browser and go back to this annoying page. The browser will appear as a desktop browser when you browse websites. Sometimes you still come across a portable website, but in general they are no longer a concern. The UAString (user agent strg ) can be reversed by just opening the menue again and changing it.

Do not bother with any other setting, and if you want to disable these additional features, enter about:debug again to disable them. It' s noteworthy that if you are fortunate enough to have Ice Cream Sandwich, you don't have to, because there is a "View Desktop Version" in the preferences area.

And if you don't want to tinker with your preferences, you can try another browser, such as Dolphin Browser HD, which also includes the preference setting in your preferences.

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