Desktop View Browser for Android

Browser Desktop View for Android

The majority of third-party browsers available in the Android Market have the option of setting the UAString by default. Firefox is a popular browser for setting the User Agent. The Desktop FullScreen web browser allows you to view any web page with full desktop functionality on your phone or tablet device. To How to open the desktop version in Smartphone (Mobile)? I' m looking for a browser that will display the desktop versions of websites and trick websites into believing that I'm surfing from a PC.

In Firefox for Android, how can I switch to the desktop view?

Get the desktop view of Web sites as follows: Touch the Menu Buttons ( for some units, either below the monitor or in the upper right hand corner of the browser). Check the box labeled Requests Desktop Site (you may need to type it first). Your website will reload and appear as if it were on your desktop.

Android Firefox allows you to switch agents in your preferences with an add-on. Describes how to use the Phony add-on to get the selection of the Phony agents in your preferences and how to configure the Phony add-on. Looking for fake. Touch the Add to Firefox icon.

Phony Agent Switching add-on is downloaded and installed. Touch Home > More > More > Phony. Touch Default, highlight the Desktop Firefox option, and touch OK. Refresh the website to get the desktop view.

To enforce non mobile website version in Android browers

Android' s native HTML browser on cell phone often loads automatic portable web site editions. Samsung Galaxy 10.1, can take full full versions with no problem at all. Web pages sometimes offer you the opportunity to view the full site but not always. There is a simple way to enforce the loading of desktop releases, but first you need to get hold of some secret options.

Stage 1: Add "about:debug" to the Android browser and press Return. Stage 2: Press the menu button on your machine and choose More, then Settings. 3: Browse down and choose UAString. Stage 4: By Default the UAString is on Android.

Instead, choose Desktop. If the UAString is on Android, it will look like this when you go to to look up the NBA Finals schedule: Since the UAString has been switched to Desktop, it will now look like this: In order to suppress the bug setup, simply enter "about:debug" in the browser adress line again.

If you want to switch the UAString back to Android, simply follow the instructions again and stop the browser for the changes to take effect.

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