Destroying means reducing something to nothing or taking away its powers and functions so that restoration is impossible: Demolition means destroying something organized or structured: destroying a machine. Syntonyms: Lost, mentally or physically doomed to failure or destroyed. The majority of oil platforms were shut down or destroyed by the civil war. There is no certainty whether the mother bear and child were killed by the hunters or whether they were destroyed by the authorities.

Synonyms Destroyed, Antonyms Destroyed

The castle was destroyed and reconstructed somewhere between 1267 and 1280. Immediately destroy the visible bead. And for every anticipation he met, there was another one he destroyed. Most of the grain had been destroyed by the foe the summer before. And besides, when I had a shot at learning my cure for myself, you destroyed it.

She knew that she had lived, that a great catastrophe had happened and that she had destroyed them. And the thing that destroyed your dad and your uncle Matthew was their own self-importance. Look, the registry itself is destroyed - the priest is gone. Her language was gossip, which means "destroyed."

During the Reformation many of them were destroyed together with the rock alter.

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After all, our problem with the cash destroyed our marriages. Every file was intentionally destroyed. Disorder is destroying the body's capacity to resist diseases. Bombing destroyed the town. He had to be destroyed because his possessor could not stop him from assaulting humans. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources in order to reproduce the actual use of the term "destroy".

Why did you want to ruin it?


Destructing (an object) to futile fragment, shape, or remnant, such as by tearing, incinerating, or disintegrating; hurting beyond reparation or replacement; destroying; ruining; destroying; annihilating; destroying. putting an end; deleting. killing; killing; killing. rendering ineffectual or futile; cancelling; neutralizing; invalidating. defeating altogether. until, 1. destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying, means decreasing a thing to futility.

Destruction means reducing something to nothing or taking away its forces and function so that recovery is impossible: A fire destroyed a edifice. The disease damages the tissue. Demolition means demolishing something organised or structured: demolishing a maschine. There was nothing but man's hands that could ruin what he destroyed; but his hands did not shrink, and it was done.

It'?s a felony that, if it continues, will devastate the government itself. Wanting their own pathetic way, they are destroying the work of their own hand through the sounds of their tongue. And some of us are only capable of destroying what is even more terrible than ourselves. Treating a baby like an grown-up would mean mocking and destroying it. v. early thirteenth century, from ancient destruction (12c...,

Contemporary France D├ętruire) "destroy, devastate, devastate", from Vulgar Latin *destrugere (source of Italien destruction), transformed (influenced by Destructus), from Latin more destructive "tear down, destroy", literal "un-build", from de-"un-, down" (see de-) + heavier "stack, build" (see Struktur (n.)). Destroyed; destructive.

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