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Let's take a look at how to detect malware and fix infected WordPress issues. In this case, you can easily find out which topic this website uses. Multiple online tools allow you to recognize the topic for free.

Best 8 tools for WordPress theme and plugin detection

Worldwide WordPress is the most beloved CMS (Content Managment System). Essentially, you cannot surf the web without tripping over a WordPress page. TechCrunch, Wired,, the Yelp Blog and virtually millions of other websites use WordPress. WordPress is one of the main things that makes it so successful is that with all its topics and plug-ins, there are innumerable ways to customise your website.

When you accidentally see a theme or plug-in you like, you might want to find out the name of the theme/plugin so you can use it yourself. In this way, you decide which design or plug-in a WordPress page uses: First of all, you need to know if the website you are on is at all a WordPress site.

When you don't see a WordPress reference there, open the page's sourcecode ( hit STRG + U) and look for "wp-content" in the text ( STRG + F). If you are viewing a page, it is on a WordPress page. Just obey the above statements and you will find examples of "wp-content" in our sources that corroborate this fact.

It is recommended that you use one of these nine WordPress theme and plugin detection tools: If you' re looking for a web address, not only will you see the templates and plug-ins used by the site, but also the web servers, e-mail servers, payments processors, framework, JavaScript library, JavaScript library, JavaScript query and more. In fact, Web3Techs gives you a "technology score" that tracks how popular (how many websites use the same technologies) and how much traffic other websites with the same technology have got for all the technology used on the website.

A look at the W3Tech homepage shows you, for example, that WordPress has had a CMS audience of 59.7% since October 2017, while Joomla is second with 6.7% and Drupal third with 4.7%. This is the only information you are looking for, so this plug-in works well for you.

First, the CMS detector only shows you which CMS the website is using. The WordPress Theme Detector shows you the name of the theme of the site, along with the topic's offical page and its release, licence and author. This also shows you which plug-ins the site uses. 6 What WordPress topic is this?

Which WordPress Theme Is That? is more heavily engaged than the remainder of the items on this playlist - it will send you directly to the WordPress plug-in' Repository, so you can instantly load the plug-ins for your own website. This is a Google Chrome enhancement that shows you the design used by a particular webpage.

The WordPress themmes sniffer and wappalyzer are slightly less useful than the other theme/plugin detector, but they are good for research. They do not need any tool to recognize topics and plug-ins. Instead, you can look at the page's sourcecode ( think CTRL + U ) and figure it out for yourself.

Every WordPress theme requires two files: index. php und style.css. You can see the name of the topic in the stylesheet. Let's try it: Press STRG + US to view the sources of this page. Look for "style. css" and you will see the following file:

Name of this filename will tell you that our website uses MoneyFlow theme. Using this gimmick, you can define the theme of most WordPress pages. A further way to find out the topic is to look for "wp-content/themes" in the sources. Look for "wp-content/plugins" to find the plug-in used on a WordPress page.

It is always simpler to use a utility, but browsing the sourcecode helps you better comprehend the WordPress plattform.

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