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Would you like to create custom target pages for realtors, insurers, financial consultants, writers, gurus, coaches, branch guides?

Would you like to create custom target pages for realtors, insurers, financial consultants, writers, gurus, coaches, branch guides? Profil landings pages are used to better place a person's agency, brand, or credential and increase the company's webprint. Pages of this kind can contain items for bullets, field reports, items, a kind of leads collection, e.g. filling out forms or clicking to open them.

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Decentralized, privately owned, safe and infrastructure-free. Protection of your personal information and your user name. Developed to suppress the curious glances of web browsers with integrated encryption communication, the SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) networking is a new way to access the web. The SAFE Library is open sourced, open and free to use. Consumers always have complete command over their information, and because monetization is integrated into the ecosystem, you can concentrate on creating the best application without shortening your user time.

No need to deploy your own accounts managed solution, your user logs in instantly at the networking layer. SAFE means you no longer have to loose any password! You can use information held by a user to exchange information across multiple application boundaries to recreate and re-use records! Awaken your creative power to the SAFE eCircle.

SAFE network participants include client, vault, router and low-level network elements. Network is in Alpha 2 and network access options may vary. We' re trying to keep the backward compatibility of the application programming interfaces as high as possible, while the network is on its way to a steady betas.

This is the first deployment of Launcher Lab that allows SAFE Launcher SAFE Launcher customers to use MaidSafe management and multiple demonstration application capabilities. Latest version with a more secured way of accessing the net is now included in the SAFE Browser package. Safe autonomic networking. A self-contained safe router that enables a more distributed networking architectural design that allows the user to execute routers while delivering safe transitory information.

Safe stand-alone dataservices. Adding a memory tier by reintroducing Run Safes, enabling a much wider variety of distributed applications and use cases. Dates are re-published and the whole system is restarted. It' a safety auditing of the entire intranet. Get real-time networking updates. Networks to validate upgrade.

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