Different Wedding Themes and Styles

Various wedding themes and styles

Fresh ideas on how to fill your big day with happy colours and love. Vintage style spring wedding themes. You can use this fabulous colour as a basis for different pallets. Picture by Marianne Taylor Photography  

via Style Me Pretty. Choose a venue to stage the scene, add the wedding dress that fits your style, and all the details fit together perfectly.

Unrestricted free use of the best of the best things in the worid

One of my favorite daisies! Well, I could be talking about daisies and sunflowers. That' the right term for my wedding in the near future. Well, I'll be. Wedding on the subject of aviation: This is a one of a kind wedding concept under the motto of scientific research. That autumn the wedding at the final location was full of d├ęcor and floral decorations in lilac, pink, marine and shade of pink and red, with lovely peony and rose.

Personally, I have a light possession (okay, BIG possession) of imprinted bridesmaids dresses, so when I first looked at the beautiful dresses in this stunning Finger Lakes scandal, I almost leapt right out......

Combining several wedding styles in a tasteful way

Can' t choose between two different wedding styles? One of the most interesting facets of the design phase for many dedicated couples is the selection of a theme for the show that best reflects them as a couples. If you have two views in the mixture, it is sometimes necessary to find some kind of trade-off; after all, unifying two styles should not be a complicated approach to a wedding.

A few broads and bridegrooms will be falling in love with two or more styles that they believe could not be more different. Good news: Bringing wedding styles together may not be as much of a challenge as you think. If, for example, you are determined to have your welcome in a stable, but still want the feel of a large ball-room, you should consider an " haven " of elegance with more rural elements as a base: large crystal cabinets with full flower arrangement of bale of hay, complicated laces laid over horses' saddles, etc.

Think about the concept of catering a target wedding in a tropic place, but you're worried about add items to your San Francisco home. If you and your wedding parties want to include clear screens in your photoshoot, willow loungers at front desk could be in the form of buggy chairs with pillows and high backs, and your ostrich could be stuffed with bougainvilleas, parakeets, Heliconia or other lively flowers to suit the colours of your home town sporting outfit.

To see some previews, look at the following samples of styles combinations from true marriages! Further suggestions and advices for wedding plans can be found here. Explore our photogallery, where you can organize your pictures by colour and categories! Find the latest wedding news, stylistic hints, professional advices and more.

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