Digital Marketing Portfolio Template

New Digital Marketing Portfolio Template

An example of a presentation portfolio with digital marketing frameworks. A Perch vCard template for graphic designers and creative professionals. Quick and easy 14 portfolio templates (via ThemeForest) To have an on-line portfolio is nowadays quite a piece of cake. All too often, however, it is the old history of the shoemaker's kids who have no footwear - or in our case the designers who have no opportunity for their own portfolio. Be it because there's too much work, be it because you can't agree on a theme, be it because you're somewhere in the midst of creating the "perfect" portfolio, sometimes you just have to get something together, and quickly.

When that happens, you'll be interested to see the fourteen clean portfolio submissions below - some for WordPress, some just HTML - that will get you up and running quickly with a dash of adjustment and stuffed with your own work. So, I should point out that in case you haven't realized it with all these web design weeklies - that ThemeForest is Psdtuts+ owning or Psdtuts+ is ThemeForest owning... whatever... so yes, that's Collis Cross-Marketing shameless!

Prior to the template, you should also have a look at these great portfolio stories (all of which were randomly penned by Psdtuts+ staff): WorldPress is not a poor portfolio choice because it means to keep it up to date will not be such a big task.

When you are used to the user experience, you will know how simple it is, and if not, read this Getting Started with WordPress first. There are also many web hosting companies that offer 1-click installations of WordPress - have a look at the WordPress page (this is how partners' payment goes to the open resource project).

Here are some of the best ThemeForest WordPress Portfolios, they all go for about $25. There are five color variations in a mix of your latest works from your portfolio and your own blogs. There are five color variations in a mix of your latest works from your portfolio and your own blogs. When pure HTML template are more your thing.....

This is a basic Javascript-y portfolio topic that is pushed out to get more information about a team. Clear, grid-based styling with a Java script interface slidersheet. Lots more character than some of the other designs, but if you like a grubby look.... This is a very full-featured template combined with a great look!

ThemeForest, our affiliate site, has this weeks offered a whole new class of articles for sale that are particularly important for Psdtuts+ users - Photoshop templates. Introducing the new Photoshop Designer and Web Template and WordPress Theme categories means you can now create and distribute Photoshop artwork, as well as Web templates and WordPress topics, to generate a sideline or even a full revenue stream.

On the other hand, if you lack imagination, you can get a kick start by getting a PSD theme from ThemeForest. To give the new catagory the start it merits, this weeks I will offer you web site related article and web site related tutorials as part of our Psdtuts+ Web Development Week.

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