Digital Pro Wordpress Theme

The Digital Pro Wordpress Theme

is a multifunctional business / corporate child theme for the Genesis Framework. Humans do business with those they know, like and trust, so choose a friendly and inviting WordPress theme like Digital Pro. You have a website for digital products? The Digital Pro is a great topic that will support your marketing activities and won't get in your way. I created a video and a tutorial about the Genesis Theme Settings.

Digitally Pro WordPress Theme

is a multifunctional buisiness / corporation childs theme for the Genesis Framework. StudioPress' prime theme impresses with a contemporary, cheerful and open style with clear and legible type. Several of the other main characteristics and advantages of the theme are: a portable, reactive theme (so it looks great on all handsets and display sizes), neat coding and quick page load time, adjustable headers, customized page styles, land pages, theme choices and theme customizers (allows you to customize theme preferences, color and contents layouts, etc.), 3 widgets, HTML5 mark-up, various layouts choices, barrier-free, ready-to-translate, translation-ready, and more.

First glimpse of the friendly Digital Pro WordPress theme

It is an axiom of promotion and copy-writing that individuals do businesses with those they know, like and rely on. When your company does exist on-line, your website is the place where "knowing how and trust" begins, and you want your WordPress theme to support this proces. StudioPress's Digital Pro is a theme with a pleasant touch.

The standard functions of StudioPress include: Throughout the demo the organization uses monochrome photos, but you can make your website look much more appealing with the use of colour. Here's an example of another site that uses Digital Pro (maybe it's just me, but I always have the feeling that colour is friendlier). Beneath the heroic picture are four large, separated areas.

While the first part of the widget is always full width, as with other current StudioPress topics, you can create other widths in many different ways, according to how many widths you are installing. What is particularly interesting about this topic is that areas 2 and 3 are different. Beneath the three widgettized areas is the content area that shows your latest blogs.

The Digital Pro has two navigational modes, one at the top and one at the bottom. Headers are displayed to the right of the page titles. Note that the Footswitch panel appears directly above the Footswitch panel (it's not used in the demonstration, so it's from Marc Holzman's side, see above).

Digitally Pro gives you a colour customiser to choose the accurate colour of your choice. Default layouts are the right side bar, right side bar, and full width pages. Like most of the topics from this website you can change your Genesis / Theme Setting for the whole website. Cover other large areas: Thereafter, the input area is displayed after a contribution and before the commentary and is a good place for an opt-in request forms, a marketer' s note or current contributions.

Or if you already own the Genesis Framework and are a regular client, you only need to buy $33.71. View the demonstration and buy Digital Pro here. When you buy the topic after you click one of these link, I get a small surcharge.

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