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Template for directory listing

Administer email notification templates directly from your admin dashboard. The Directory Listing WordPress Theme is an extended WordPress template for directories of any kind. Top 23 Top Responsible Directory Website Templates 2018 Free markets have succeeded in providing an unparalleled degree of economical portability...


However, let's take a look at some of the best HTML5 Directory website templates: Featuring a clear and contemporary styling, Citybook is a breathtaking HTML directory website template. They can use the utility for directories and lists of sites, either locally or internationally. The Citybook has five homepage demonstrations, as well as a forthcoming template and a 404 page.

Lister and its convenience make browse and search your directory or offer page an entertaining time. However, the template is also fully translateable and adaptable. Lister is as efficient as it is and is ideal for hotel, restaurant, job, property, etc. Amazing items of a successfull directory site are delivered with the Lister Kits.

Ranging from Google Maps and the login page to review, list style and other necessary HTML com-ponents. You' ll probably want to use the template immediately after unpacking, as the look is simply fantastic. The FINDOCTOR is a physician-specific HTML directory website template. There are four index pages and one with the cookies strip for all sites in Europe included in the set.

The FINDOCTOR is a Bootstrap 4 and Model SYSTEM with killing properties and excellent performances. The package also includes the Administration dashboard for a fully retired administrative user. The ListingGEO is far more than just an HTML directory website template. Soon you will find out that it is also an admins and a template for dashboards.

In addition to two modern residential variants, ListingGEO also has two demonstrations of the above. All your directory website could have just been done with a clean and robust utility full of stunning functions. The ListingGEO is really a three-in-one template if you want. ListingGEO also comes safely with other required pages, functionality contactsheet, Google Maps and additional PSDs.

This is a Bootstrap 4 template using HTML5, CSS3 and SASS. The ListingGEO almost completely spans every section and every item of a thriving website. It is a challenging and nice HTML template for directories and list sites. It' s fast and accurate, built on the Bootstrap Framework. Various colours, types, blog layouts, everything shows up when unpacking the template.

Look at them all together and let Serv Template act as a template for your useful website. Whilst the focus is on service promotion, Serv can also accommodate other kinds of directory and listing. The Serv is adaptable and expandable with an original and contemporary web site layout. Serv will be delivered with two first pages and three different offers.

Locally an HTML directory website template can be, but when you end up on the web page you will see that there are actually five of them. Quickly create property, jobs, car dealership, classifieds portals, and yachting sites with Locale. In addition, the element also has an additional administrative dashboard, just so you don't have to build it yourself.

However, an even greater plus is how simple and beneficial the HTML directory website template is. This is a precious template for buying and selling all types of goods andervices. Surfing on Craig's web sites is always a pleasurable adventure because the designs are minimized. Altogether 35 HTML pages, functioning newsletters and contacts form, frontend submit page and many other goods for the top directory and listsites.

CLASSIFICED PRO is a professionally designed classification and listing template with a distinctive appearance and easy lay-out. Those who create the website with CSS will have as much fun as the end user. Directly below the primary query, classification Pro shows the presented category, while below you will find all the presented advertisements.

Present a testimonial for your website, launch a blogsite and record your guests' e-mails with the registration field, Classified Pro has everything for you. Not only do these demonstrations serve as a source of inspiration, you can use them as they are, and the list or directory page is quickly up and useable.

The Bootstrap Framework supports it for your on-line project to fit smoothly to all display heights. It' a user-oriented template that makes it ideal for you, even if you are new to this kind of thing. "Can I create a directory website without programming and designing expertise?

There' also an outstanding set of docs that you'll find in the bundles for additional help and help. In the best HTML directory website template compilation, right? Weddlist, here's a template for the marriage register. Yes, such sites are also in great demand. No. Weddlist has two houses and purpose-built areas for couple and seller to profile.

Revolution Slider helps you a lot for advertising reasons or to make a good first impact. Make a slide show and awaken everyone's interest. And from this universe of designs, compatible cell phones and browsers, needs and extra features, the line goes on and on. Get with the Weddlist template and get connected. Goddamn fast.

Work Stock is a portable workplace template with five home demonstrations and 27 other internal HTML pages. You can also use Career Stock to administer your staff and build great employers portraits and detailed jobs pages. Featuring a variety of industry sectors that it spans, ElemoListing is truly a multifaceted HTML directory website template.

You have three kinds of first pages, three different header and footer lines, four footer lines, and six variants of list display cases. ElemoListing also offers two ways of listing details and has a complete Dashboardkin. The ElemoListing template guarantees an extraordinary and professionally result, you just have to do something. It' an excellent template for the property sector with many excellent properties.

Provide a convenient home and a convenient searching adventure for anyone who stumbles across your site. The Nest is a bootstrap framework template that makes it flexible and easily usable. Nest's web site designs are neat and tidy with not too much and not too little visuals. Each of the HTML directory website template files found in this library allows you to build distinctive directory and list pages.

Directoratetify specializes in companies of all types, such as restaurant, hotel, shops, hospital and similar. So you can build a niche website with Directtify that focuses only on, say, theatre, but you shouldn't be restricted in any way. This means you can also build a directory giant with directional templates that covers all types of themes.

In all its glory, Directtify consists of five houses, a well-designed widget area, a blogs and smart functions. Login, a pop-up will appear, the contacts page has a function and you can enter your offer area. DirectCtify is a very sophisticated directory template for auto dealers, auto dealers, dealers, directories and rated web sites.

There is no need to explain the directory. It' an HTML directory website template. More specifically, The Directory is a three-in-one layout utility with home page, customisable dashboard and administration panels. In order to further expand it, the template has two different index pages, three listing variants, and load more frontend, custom Dashboard, and administrator pages.

Now you can turn the directory template into a fully featured website. Listo has the ability to enumerate pretty much anything you are planning to build a listing or directory site. Might be something special and supernatural or you can make a great big plattform, it's all possible with Listeo.

If you mention this, you will only get a better idea of what is possible with the Listeo template. The Viavi Directory Listing is a versatile HTML template that you can use for all types of work. Do something general or something particular, both work very well for Viavi Directory Listing. Whilst the vast majority of HTML directory website template websites are equipped with at least two, if not five, home demo versions, Viavi Directory Listing has only one.

The Viavi Directory Listing is a high-performance tool that can be adapted to any sector and is fully adaptable. Main characteristics of the Viavi Directory listing template are reactivity, SEO, motion statistics, awesome hidden object and Google Maps with the keyword index. The Classified Place is a total package for any website that deals with the topic.

Ready to use immediately, you can use it for property, dealership, job exchange, store and yachting sites. You can also work with the yellow pages or the industry portals and adapt the web designs to your needs. To ensure that your pages meet the highest possible standard, our website follows advanced technology and web practice.

Professionality is first-class when you create and evolve with the Classified Place template. If you are talking about a template based on Bootstrap Framework, you know that we are dealing with a high functionality element. That' exactly what you get with Classified Place. Classified Place's quick editing allows you to match your own style and brand.

The ESTATO is an ideal HTML template for property or directory websites. It has a simple, functional and simple charm with a clear text. This template allows each individual page item to change its size to accommodate the smaller displays of portable equipment. Fortunately, this template can simplify your timetable by presenting some unbelievable predefined test stories, pages, spreadsheets, portfolios, blogs, and so on.

Property sites must offer a dependable level of services to win the confidence of customers. The Apartment is an HTML template that understand the requirements for a good apartment. Imaginative and contemporary, its designs are perfect for today's high-tech world. The Apartment is not just a flat, niche-oriented HTML template. The property was designed by a true property development company and this is what this really shows.

They can use apartment for property portals, agencies, Soloagent and personal property web pages. When you are looking for directory template files that use a CMS (Content Mangement System ) such as WordPress for ease of administration, you should review this topic group.

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