Directory plus Wordpress Theme

Folder plus Wordpress theme

The WooCommerce Booking Plugin can be installed to turn your Directiory Portal into a fully-fledged booking system. Directory+ WordPress Theme is a premium directory and listing style theme that makes it easy for you to create your own online directory. WordPress directory theme of agit It' easy to create an on-line directory site that lists categorised articles of any kind - businesses, stores, websites and so on. We' ve been spending quite a bit of our attention trying to develop the theme because a lot of things have been modified several different ways to make it right. The theme was constantly refreshed with new functions, it became better and better.

In the two years Directory WordPress theme got nearly 100 free upgrades, which is notable. At the beginning of 2015, we began work on a new theme upgrade known as Directory+. We' ve created a client requirement listing and a new topic has been created. All our current directory clients benefit from this new Directory+ WordPress theme free of cost.

Enhancement plug-ins are not part of the theme pack. Theme and plug-ins are more expensive than a multipurpose theme, but you don't just buy a WordPress theme, you buy yourself a fully functional and trusted on-line store. It is possible to create 7 different header files per page:

Every detail page of the directory list can have one of the following options in the header: A few things in the demonstration are commercially available add-ons that are not part of the package. The Directory+ WordPress Theme is fully functional and fully compliant with the following enhancement plug-ins. They are not necessary for your website to work and are only needed when you need the extra features.

They are not included with the theme. Totally unparalleled Directory+ WordPress theme features: themme is based on our rugged MVC frameworks, which means that the HTML theme is entirely separate from other PHP. There' no problem with Google Maps on directory pages unless the number of card loadings is not higher than 25000 per tag.

Please note: The pictures used on our demonstration pages are protected by copyright and are not part of the theme pack.

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