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If the mobile app view is turned off, your directory page continues to respond. Best 22 free directory website template to make a mine of information. Directories are the best passively earning web pages, but also the most competitively priced web site categories. In order to make your directory website a success, all you have to do is distinguish your website from others. Use these free directory website template files to help you build a successfull directory website.

Some of the most popular directory site categories are hotel, travelling, food, town, property and work.

Here we have gathered free directory website template files for all these renowned directory website catagories. Launching a directory website is not that simple, you have to handle a vast amount of information. The use of a CMS is the best way to build a directory website, as all the functionality is ready-made for you.

Free directory website template files listed in this section are HTML template files only, i.e. framework files only. This template must be converted to a fully functional directory website by you. Say that let us get into the free directory website template listing. Thorn is a creatively designed, contemporary directory website template for trips and hotels.

This is the template for you if you are interested in creating a listings page for travellers to improve their travel. Using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, this template is able to offer you vibrant colours and advanced web features. While the long homepage is cleanly segmentated with contemporary web designs, the intuitively designed homepage gives the users an easy way to get an idea of all available category.

Another noteworthy characteristic is the colouring of the original. Designer and developer have matched the colour schemes of the templates to each other very well. There are two colours of purple and greens, the purple being the basic colour. The use of line symbols makes this template even more attractive.

It' a multi-page template, so you get all the necessary functions you need to create a professionally listed website. As the name suggests, it is a template JOBBOARD. This template's standard look places more value on the text itself. Because this is a content-oriented website, this template gave you plenty of room to expand with more text.

State-of-the-art web site management makes it possible to present the contents to your customers in a more appealing way. Although the appearance of this template is minimized, it is used in the right places to enhance interaction with the end users. On the right side bar you have the possibility to create top job, category and the last article.

The template is also conceived from a commercial point of view so that you get many items to support your company. This is a multi-page template, so you have more than enough room to place your orders. With this template you will also receive the price chart for your premiums. The template uses two colours as colour schemes, the main grey colour makes the template look more contemporary and fashionable.

List is a directory website template for places and tourist. This template contains a lot of empty spaces to present the content to the user. Roundabouts and the use of optical effect are effective in presenting more content in a given area. In this template, texts are also handled as part of the overall theme.

As this is a tourist directory website template, you can monetise your website by displaying tourist related promotions and transactions. A further useful part of this template are the ready-made blogs. The template provides a framework for an ad site, you can use it as a basis to build your own customized site template.

The Bluesky is a template for a home ad on the site. You can also use this template as a template for a Web site. Featuring cutting-edge web design features and fashionable colour gradients, this template is in keeping with the current tastes of the public. The template also has an extended seek toolbar in the head area with filtering choices to make it easy to find and sort a feature.

The icon is used intelligently to represent the properties of a given attribute within the specified range. This is a multi-page template, so you can use a seperate page to tell your visitors about the feature in detail. There is plenty of room for the picture content. This template's large picture mounts can easily process pictures of any sizes and orientations.

This template can also be used for other listings pages. Couple of adjustments will make this template a great choice for any kind of website. This is an online template with a minimum of layout. This template's easy, minimum size will help you get as much content as possible listed without clouding the website.

There is enough room between each section and the web items so that the user can comfortably view and operate the template even in a small display only. This template's creator has given the same importance to text and images to help you produce compelling content. For the web features and hood effect a brilliant crimson colour is used, which looks appealing on the pure snowback.

The only thing we need to do is to incorporate this template with the appropriate utilities and platform. Since this template uses the coding default, followed by web professionals, you can seamlessly incorporate this template into advanced web utilities.

The Leramiz template is almost similar to the above Bluesky template. Developed for property websites, this template is intelligently managing several content items at once so you can use them for one website. Regardless of how much content you drop on this template, it can handle it with ease.

Featuring full fl at styling and shallow coloring, this template follows a pro look through the entire template. At the top of the page you have a DeepL shortcut for user names like log in and registration options. When you use this template for a shared website and other people publish their real estate, this log-in and registration facility is a benefit to you.

Have a look at our set of administrative templates to simultaneously administer several queries and track your website's traffic. This template is also an HTML template, all settings only work from the frontend. In order to make this template a fully operational website, we have to take manual steps to the back-end proces.

Most of the time, great fonts are used in this template, so you have many well-optimized symbol choices to make. The South is a high quality looking website template for the website to list luxurious properties. As this template is primarily intended for luxurious real estate listings pages, all web items and colour scheme are richly illustrated in this template.

This template's homepage is handled like a commercial website. In this way you get many advertising and web items to properly tell your customers about the game. When you expect a pure offer side as homepage, you can use the page "offers" with some adjustments as your homepage.

On all the sub-pages you have a large field with many filtering possibilities to help the users find the real estate they are interested in quickly and efficiently. This template's bottom area is also large enough to process all page references and Widgets. Further useful functions in this template are the super menus feature and awesome viewing effect.

Altogether, the South is a Businessclass website listings template with a premier look and feel. Listings is one of the best free directory website template that you can get with the latest new look. Get an overview of how to create an efficient directory website with this top-of-the-line template. The full -width version gives you ample room to share a lot of content with your audience in a clear and elegant way.

Gentle colour schemes provide the user with a distraction-free website viewing and also help make the colourful pictures look more vivid. Visually enhancing your image is another great benefit of this template. The template follows a clean, subtile motion effect that makes it a great choice for creating professionally designed web sites.

The map is used to represent the locations and their characteristics, line symbols are used in the maps to represent the characteristics. On the top of the maps you can see the evaluations of the places. Altogether, the listings is a flawless directory website template that you can use as a basis to build your own customized website.

The Places is a neat looking website template for resort listings. Featuring an unadulterated look, this template will help you beautifully enhance your work. Intelligent template designs process both rich media and text assets efficiently. Large table of contents give you plenty of room to learn more about the places.

The template is designed from a company perspective so that you get items to help your company's brands look and feel and promote them. It' a multi-page template, so you can use seperate pages to advertise your work. You have the possibility of including the posting template in the head line. It is in a full operational state from the frontend.

Because you have to take manual control of the backend part, you can use this template as an extended find feature to help your folks find the places they want. House is by default a template for a property website. Incorporating the functions and choices tightly associated with the directory template, this template will help you build an efficient listings page.

The clear layout and web content of this template will impress today's audiences. As this template was created for a commercial use, the applied optical effect is minimum and meets the website's commercial standard. The template also uses a map template to display the locations. Because this is a template for a home page, you can choose to include functions about the home in the lists view.

In addition to the homepage, you will also receive a seperate listings page with this template. You can also add an extended find feature in the headline along with the picture slide bar backdrop. The Travelix is a colourful directory website template for tourists. The template is a full bundle that will help you organize transportation, hotel, event, and more.

This template is very useful for tour operators who provide package tours. This template's streamlined look allows you to display both pictures and text content efficiently. Designed to handle both text and picture content, this original template keeps the viewer in suspense. What is special about this template is the colour pattern and the visible effect.

Stylish colour design draws a thousand year old crowd and the sleek design will help the crowd get more out of your website. Although the yellows and violets are the main colour schemes, yellows are used for web items, especially tagging. Because this template uses great fonts symbols, you have many symbol choices to make.

It is a colourful multi-media template for websites with a wealth of directories. The same directory template is also available for travellers. Featuring the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, this template offers you a more lively template with many useful functions. With this neat template look, the reddish colour is appealing and helps direct the user's gaze to the desired area.

Featuring a full-width theme, this template provides you with large block of text and a fully extended wide spread for adding rich media to your work. The standard theme itself gives you the ability to attach video, as it is an HTML5 template, adding video to this template is an effortless task. It' a multi-page template that provides you with important pages like info, quotes and contacts.

On all sub-pages you have the possibility to integrate an extended browse button at the top, which helps the users to simply sort the locations and services. Ontech is a directory website template for eGadgets. Featuring a sleek, neatly designed template, this template gives you many ways to not only catalog your product, but also market it.

This template's standard theme also makes it a great fit for e-commerce sites. This model follows a minimum sound not only in the styling, but also in the colouring. In the upper panel you have the possibility to enter your personal data and your registration. When you are planning to build a member page, take a look at our template library to build a user-friendly member dashboard.

Inside the headline itself, you have the place to insert the categories options so that the users can select the desired product when it lands on your website. Charlemagne is the best directory website template for offers and Lifestyle articles. The web element and contents block are clearly separated from each other in the unadulterated styling.

This template uses the HTMl5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks. This template is also used out of the box to create templates for portable computing so that all web items are scalable to work better in all kinds of display size.

Using the colour schemes in this template, the best offers and new entries are highlighted, which not only looks good on the pure whites, but also attracts users' interest. Normally, the template of Magness is a template for a message website. One of the advantages of the template for messaging sites is that it can process any number of content you drop on it.

Featuring large and small blended block views, this template displays all of your assets in one place. Because of these properties, this template is also the best option for the directory website. The template does not use different colours for different tag types, the designers tend to make this template more professionnal.

On the homepage itself, you have the ability to display the number of commentaries and the viewing options, encouraging new users to see the content. As the name Electro suggests, this template is also a directory website template like the above Onetech template. Combining clear styling with clear visible effect, you get an engaging, user-friendly website.

Thanks to the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, the designers gave you all the important functions about visible effect with little place on the given place. The template uses general-purpose coding default and working with this template will be an easier task for the developer. He used the given full width banner designs with fully extended posters and large contents pads.

Instead of a headline, this template gives you an extended browse tool, wish list, and shopping basket symbols. A further benefit of this template is that you get the shopping basket page and the products page. You can also use the Electro as an eCommerce website template. As the name suggests, Thes Estates is a template for a property website.

Property website template files are tightly linked to the directory website template files. Everything and the lay-out you get with this template will also help you create a directory website. Because this template is intended for professional use, you will receive many advertising items to increase your revenue.

The template marks all fields of a web site template. The text is fat, the colour is tidy, the room is wide and the symbols are tidy. The Hover effect is used to emphasize the desired content, and other optical specialties are also clearly arranged in this template. And TheGazette is also a website template for messages and magazines, like the above MagNews template.

Also this template follows a similar lay-out as the Magnews, but has its own distinctive features. Blogs imilar designs help you to properly index the items along with the contents. It is also possible to attach the item on a seperate page. As this is a template for a magazin, you have a lot of room to monetise the website with advertising posters.

The HTML5 template also allows you to simply append content to your videos. Kurs is a directory website template for training course. The template can also be used as a template for an academic website. This template's easy-to-use interface will help you share your course content in different category settings.

Using the vibrant orange colour schemes, this template template will help users get easy notice and also mark the best classes. It' a multi-page template, so you have a seperate page where you can see all the classes from different classes. Under each course you have the possibility to include the course writer, course detail and prices.

Line symbols are used to reflect the clear, professionally designed look of this template. Line symbols are adapted to the overall look of this template. The template also gives you the opportunity to enumerate the training measures. Altogether the course is a full directory website template for the education pages.

Luxehotel is a directory website template for luxurious properties. As this template is conceived for the listings of luxurious properties, the template's lay-out also mirrors a comprehensive theming. The clear styling is enhanced by contemporary woven panels and colourful line lines that are even more pleasing and aesthetically pleasing. This template also gives you the opportunity to include the menus provided by the various restaurants.

Intuitive split-screen-style design of the FDA menus blocks and tabs on the right side to display groceries in different category. A long square drop-down map provides enough room to include pictures, stars, prices, functions and call to action button. You have the possibility to insert an illustration foil with text and actions keys in the headline.

The Tour is the best directory website template for touring, special deals and packages. This template gives you many choices for your Premier Template. The most of you would be amazed with the look and the choice you get with this free template. Featuring accurate pixels and a premier template encoding standards, this template is definitely one of the best free directory website template in the world.

This template is great not only for its look, but also for its appearance. Because this template has to deal with many kinds of content, the UI was created with the utmost caution. The parallax effect between different parts gives this template a vivid feeling. Standard Sasha is a template blogs.

As with the premier template, the Sasha template offers you five homepage variants. Each of the five originals follows a straightforward, neat outline. The minimalist styling of this template concentrates entirely on the contents of the template. The template is the best option for websites that are just getting started. As this is a template for a blogs, the text is clear and readable.

Literacy is great in this template, both for the small display units and the large display units. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks, making it simple for the developer to customize and integrate this template with other workstations.

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