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Create your own directory website in minutes with this powerful, search engine friendly WordPress directory theme. Directory Engine WordPress Directory Theme WordPress Directory Software Our efforts are focused on providing these advantages while maintaining DirectoryEngine as an easy-to-use listed topic. Earn revenue from your website by collecting fees for listings and providing advertising spaces. Your checkout is designed to fit your specific needs (Stripe, PayPal, SagePay, Paymill, MOLPay, PayFast, Phone, and many more on the way).

Adapt your directory page with frontend controls and easy access to modules. Rapidly modify your website look and feel with our front-end customiser. Experience drag-and-drop block themes and include the widgets you need. Our top priorities are the development of the Directory Engine with our focus on our customers using our software solution SEO. So that your information is not only easy to find, but also well supported by your web site's community, your web sites and your community.

Directory-engine allows you to organize your website to be ranked higher in searching machines, for both desktop and mobile results. Don't overtax yourself with functions that you don't need in a Directory WordPress theme. In addition to globals like PayPal, Stripe, we also have locals like payUMoney, SagePay,.....

Worpress Directory Theme - New 2018

Turn WordPress into a fully functional web site for your company. Reactive HTML designs, streamlined SEO-friendly WordPress theme. No matter if you create a website for a customer or start your own company, we have everything under control. Yes, we have partnered with a community of WordPress professionals to help you with all your WordPress development needs.

Will it work with WordPress 4.x? Our topics are updated and tested on a regular basis to make sure they work with the latest WordPress release. We will do our best to incorporate it in the next topic up-date. How is DirectoryPress different? We' re doing things a little differently, here is a brief outline of some uniquely featured functions in our directory theme.

Make offers for shopkeepers, then give them a hyperlink so they can access and complete them. Customize entry boxes such as name, adress, etc. with the ability to select boxes for different types of category. One of the most beloved on/off features, it allows shop owner to define office times that are visible to the user on their offering page.

Using the Page Builder with over 60+ editing pads, you can easily build individual web pages for each of your website category. Our integrated postcode and postcode searching capabilities use longitudes and latitudes to find entries for your businesses. Using the antispam enquiry form, users can reach advertisers directly or via the integrated personal messaging system.

Member get their own accounts area where they can administer their own entries. You' ll be thrilled how effortless it is!... Beautiful design, ease of use and updating. By far the cheapest directory theme for workers..... Personally I like this directory, it makes it very convenient to create offers with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's really fun.

Folder theme is the best theme to include in the new theme many options, but some old folder pressing options... I have purchased the folder theme and I am very happy!

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