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Developed by Elegant Themes, the Divi 2.0 multi-purpose premium WordPress theme is the inflated and brand new version of their best-selling Divi WordPress theme. It is one of a series of local Business Child Themes for Divi by Geno Quiroz. The Landscapes 2.0 is the perfect website for local landscaping companies.

Below are a few tips for anyone upgrading to Elegant Themes Divi 2.0 from an earlier version.

Update Divi Feature! Divi Design Initiative 2.0: Double the great design

We' re always looking for ways to make lore, amaze and please you with even more value and demonstrate what Divi is like. A few month ago we started our Divi Layout Initiative and started a new web site development project to bring a constant flow of breathtaking Divi Layout Packs to the web site every year.

Today we announce the launch of the 2.0 Initiative. We' re redoubling the number of designs, redoubling the scale of our designs teams, and redoubling the amount of stunning designs we' re going to produce today. This means that every two weeks you can look forward to two new Divi Layout Packs, free of charge.

The packages offer premium design with up to 8 individual layout options that can be easily set up with a click, so you can create and run a complete Divi website in no more than a few clicks. More than 800 new layout per year, free of charge! From today you can get two new Divi Layout Paks every year.

That' over 100 new packages per year, which means Divi will have the largest library of pre-built lays! We' ll announce each new version in the blogs, so sign up for the newsletter to be informed about any new features. The use of a Divi Layup Kit is almost like accessing a completely new design, as each package contains 8 different laidouts that have been laid out in a single, coherent way and built for a particular use.

Every new version meets the needs of more and more of our and our customers' needs. Considering how many different Divi layouts packages are available, it's hard to see how mighty the design has become so that you can create almost any kind of website you can think of.

Divi launches our layouts packages to unleash the stunning Divi power. It is our aim to serve a different market with every single one. Whatever type of website you are creating, we would like to give you some suggestions that will help you get your website up and speed quickly. Not only does a great lay-out package look good, it's also simple to use and makes the most of Divi proprietary functionality.

That is a key belief that defines our package design work. As a result, design packages are created that find a great equilibrium between ease and aesthetics and at the same place show clients how to build Divi-Dayouts. Not only are these great utilities, they are also great inspirations for all Divi people.

Every time we publish a new Divi Layout Pack, the layout is displayed directly in the Divi Builders. You don't need to dowload anything or upgrade Divi to get the latest design. Just click the Load Layout button on your Divi Builders taskbar, explore our large selection of styles, and then click to directly upload them to the site.

It'?s that simple! If I' m not working on new topics too much, I like to write one or two articles in our blogs!

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