Divi 3.0 Documentation

3.0 Divi Documentation

Divi theme is NOT included in this children's theme. The Divi Estate version is fully compatible with versions 3.0+. The Divi Estate version is fully compatible with versions 3.0+.

Can' understand why it's not in the official Divi documentary. The first time I started using 3.0.0, when I found the bundle, I just threw my hands up.

The DiviEstate Documentation

If you want to add this sub-topic, you must first become a member of Elegant Themes and get the DiviThemes Pack. Divi topic is NOT part of this children's topic. The Divi Estate is fully compliant with the 3.0+ releases. Make sure you have the latest Divi.

Make sure that you have the Divi Estate themes enabled and preinstalled before you install the Divi Estate themes. In order to prevent problems during setup, it is strongly advised that you use this subdirectory design when you reinstall WordPress. On the Upload Topic tab, click and then click Pick Topic. Locate the download packet and click DiviEstate. Then click the Install Now icon.

Once you have completed the upgrade, you must enable the design by pressing the Enable icon. In order to enable your products and receive upgrades, please go to Divi > Divi Estate Activation and type in your key and email. The DiviEstate needs 6 plugins: ACF: Google Map Extended, Advanced User Fields, Breadcrumb NavXT, Caldera Forms, One Click Demo Import and Recent Post Widget with Thumbnails.

Once the DiviEstate childsme has been enabled, you will be prompted to remove all missing plug-in files. In the next window, browse to all plug-ins, click "Install" from the drop-down list and click the Add icon. From the Import > Export > Reset pane, click Upload Profile. Locate the download packet and click submit. Search the download packet and click submit. Then click the Import icon.

Navigate to Preferences > Permanent Links, choose "Postname" and click Save Changes. Visit Divi > Topic Option, find "Google API Key" and insert your key. The DiviEstate uses user-defined symbols that are used across chip-types. Now, you need to set up the libraries and all themes preferences that will allow you to have your website exactly like the trial one.

Navigate to Appearance > Import Data Demo and click the Import Demo Data icon. There are 3 prefabricated shapes for the subject. On the Caldera Weights tab in your WordPress Dashboard, click the Import icon. Choose the Contacts filename. icon in the Import Files > Caldera Forms folder and click the Import icon.

DiviEstate can be translated into any desired languages! The text is shown if the fare is not specified - enter textbox. Region Dashboard Label - determines what text is shown on the Region page of the WordPress pull-down list. Agent per page - this box specifies how many agent are shown on the page Agent. Per page results - this box specifies how many items are shown on the list page.

Standard order of characteristics - choose the standard order in which the characteristics are shown. In order to use the slope wallpaper for a modul, a section or a line, simply append the new history category. The DiviEstate is a high customizable design that can be used not only for the housing world. The DiviEstate option allows you to modify all symbols shown on a website.

Here we can modify the symbols for the area, bedroom and bathroom, for gray stripes below the object descriptions and lastly for utilities below each object card. When you want to make your own customized changes - please place all your HTML pages in the Customizing Settings page of the Customizing themes or in the Divi themes options, as any changes made to sub themes will be automatically dropped with the automated updates.

Please do not use the auto refresh function if you want to modify or insert data in a subfolder. The DiviEstate comes with 9 user-defined Divi cartridges that can be used in Divi Builder. Allows you to view your movies in a modal pop-up screen. either choose one of the following formats: MP3, 4, MP4, or enter the U or R of the movie you want to view and use this on the page you want.

You use this plugin to view user-defined page attributes. You can choose between horizontal and raster layouts. You can also choose to sort your property by state, geography, categories, display, appearance, and specify filtering and layouts. You use this modul to show the slide bar for property on pages in lattice shape. Let's just add filtering, choose the order, and specify how many items to have.

The search bar toolbar preferences allow you to set the headers and descriptions. You can use this high-performance plug-in to view an appealing and highly reactive feature slider on any page. Allows you to view only a particular catagory, geography, or state. Areas is another user-defined mail item that has been added to DiviEstate.

Allows you to browse our site by regions/communities and view certain features on each regional page. The CTA search engine allows you to view a nice Call To Action section. PropertyMap allows you to paste PropertiesMap on any page. Count - determines how many characteristics should be shown on the card. : : :; : : : ; ; ; ; : : ; : : ; ; ; : : : none; ; : : : none; : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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