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3.0 Divi templates

How is Divi 3.0 after 6 months? Wordpress Divi 3.0 Theme - Forget Other Wordpress Themes !

Stylish Themes gives us the honor of delivering its 87th WordPress theme in its brand new release, the long-awaited 3 release, and you'll see that we don't have to look elsewhere anymore, it's almost the perfect WordPress theme! With Divi 3, you can customize all the elements of your different pages live with a brand new WordPress Customizing tool.

Instead of writing a long text, let's take a look at the possibilities the WordPress Divi 3 theme offers with pictures! Try the WordPress Divi theme in motion! React JS includes an All-Engine to apply your changes directly. It is a new field of possibilities that is open to you. Personally, I love not having to spend long moments getting a preview of my work.

In fact, there is nothing more frustrating than having to register your work and open a new window to see the fruits of your labour. The WordPress Divi theme fills this gap in many builders. You can now get a clear overview of your work.

Before you could add text, you had to go through the WordPress and Divi backroom to add a block containing text. Now you can click on a place and as if by magic the text field will appear as if by magic. Divi 3 lets you customize all elements of your page directly.

So if you don't like the color or the distance between the different elements, no problem, you can change it. If you don't live in the Orion galaxy, you know that responsive design is a must today. So Divi offers you buttons that let you quickly see how your work is displayed on a computer, touchscreen or smart phone!

Don't worry whether your changes are visible on your phone or on your tablet, with the WordPress Divi 3 theme all this is natively taken into account. This finally allows you to take control of the elements that are present on your smartphone or tablet during automatic resizing.

For example, you can change the size of the title of your item on your phone, or you can simply not place some of your items on the tablet. The WordPress Divi 3 theme is like good wine. In the latest release Divi implements the miniaturization of the CSS.

A generator like the one used by Divi generates a certain number of elements (essentially hidden to the user, but present in the site sources ) that request the database and generate lines of code. 3. The ElegantThemes system offers an optimization: From now on, all these technical elements will be combined in one external file.

Combine this with an integrated plug-in for caching and your website with the WordPress DIVI theme will not suffer from a slowness! This is a feature that is expected from people who want to further personalize their website. In fact, most WordPress themes today offer many customization possibilities, but everything happens in the WordPress backroom.

The Divi 3.0 offers a different approach, like some of the new WordPress frameworks (we're thinking of Qards at Designmodo). You can work on any of the elements of your website, but before that. So if you want to use a different font for the title, hat or paragraph, it's possible!

Until now, you had to be smart to insert keys on DIVI. With DIVI 2.6. 1 you can finally customize these famous buttons a little bit more! Finally, the WordPress Divi Theme offers the possibility to customize the headers of your website a little more! No more classic headers, you can bring something new: With DIVI 2.6. 1 you can decide to place comments according to your whims and wishes.

If you want the comments to appear at the top of your article, you are free to do so! You can also customize the appearance of the latter to have the most suitable comment engine for your website! One of the biggest improvements in DIVI 2.6 is the Contacts form.

Custom Fields: This release of the form supports the custom fields that allow you to create unique contact forms. Redirect URL: Once the user has clicked Validate, you can redirect them to a custom address of your choice. Custom validating message: Once your user has met all requirements and the form has been validated, you can select the validating messages to display!

Having had the same look since the first WordPress theme was created at ElegantThemes, the Control Panel offers itself a healthy facelift! Stylish themes offers an interesting feature, like a time machine at Apple. Any changes you make to your Divi running website will be saved.

So if you ever make big mistakes during a change meeting, you always have the option to restore an earlier one. The WordPress DIVI theme is revolutionary in many ways. Unlike many other WordPress themes that offer predefined page templates, Divi is based on a more innovative principle.

You' the one who has to create the page of his dreams with a builders page. The concept of Elegant Themes' Page Builder is interesting because it allows you to move blocks of your pages, article and other kinds of pages using dragging and dropping. Imagine creating a website that displays your picture quickly and without touching a line of text!

The Divi is a real revolution for most of the beginners among us. You don't have to add plug-ins that allow you to arrange the blocks of your website, Elegant Themes with Divi will do it natively. As for the other WordPress Divi theme choices, we find the seriousness of the San Francisco manufacturer.

The Divi has its own unique coding that is always better for search engines. Adjustments with the WordPress Divi theme are also possible! You can choose the font of your website, but also the colour of the elements it consists of! The Divi's power is modular.

With the Page builder principle you can also create a web site with WordPress Divi as a theme, such as a web site for your company or an e-commerce site. You will be thrilled by the modularity of this new theme from Elegant Themes. As you know, most WordPress topics are in English.

With Divi, Elegant Themes strives to offer a translation in the 2.5 release of its bestseller in more than 26 different languages! This gives you the ability to use Divi in the following languages: The BONUS DIVI Gratuit! FAQs: Simply create a free and easy answer with the ElegantThemes package, which provides you with FAQs (frequently asked questions).

To install it, nothing could be easier: a window opens and you have to select the layout you want to put online. Once you've made your choice, all you have to do is click Import and your files are online! The ElegantThemes website has just released a new feature that will undoubtedly appeal to the entire WordPress Divi community: ready-made websites.

Using these bundles it will be faster for you to find the inspiration, the resources and above all the incentive to use Divi for your different projects. To help you with this task, we recommend the Divi Market website, which lists all Divi themes and layout!

Lost with the WordPress DIVI theme? It will be completed over time and don't hesitate to leave comments on the leaders you'd like to see!

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