Divi Builder 3.0

The Divi Builder 3.0

The Divi Builder 3.0 was positioned as a complete overhaul. Update Divi Feature! Introduction of the new Visual Builder interface improvements

Today, Divis Visual Builder becomes even quicker and more intuitively thanks to a set of truly fantastic user interfaces enhancements that will significantly increase the website creation experiences. As we develop Divi as a web designing tools, we look for every chance to help us better the way you interacted with the contents on your site and your creativity processes.

On of the most important settings in the Viewer Builder is the Range-Slider. Orange faders are ideal for making extensive text size and modul width customizations, but sometimes it can be a daunting task for your mous to end up at this perfectly pixelated value. With each click, the value is increased or decreased by a point or a point, so you can precisely browse the area.

Use your tabs to browse the option field and your arrows to customize your settings. Simply click on the arrows to modify the value by 1U. It is also possible to keep the arrows pressed to increment the value as the velocity increases. Now all numeric entries have a gesture-based steering mechanic that lets you move up and down a value with the stroke of the pointer.

This new way of interacting is ideal for the graphical character of the Viewer, as it introduces rank sliders to all common entry boxes. You' ll find this new check point on options like cushioning and edge as well as edge area. Paddle and margins within the individual modules can now be combined.

As soon as two readings have been combined, the adjustment of one reading adjusts the coupled reading and keeps them synchronous. The synchronization of the devices can be activated within the modes as well as within the dragable podding interfaces. Every colour setting in your Visual Builder has been enhanced to make your website's colour scheme more readily available.

You can customize this colour scheme within the Divi themes option and all your favourite colours are just a click away. Many of the features have been visually enhanced to make them clearer and more interactive. Added a full picture and movie input that now displays a real-time previewer of the selected page within the Preferences window, which is especially useful when you' re working on the page in Wireframe view only.

The processing of galerien in the Builder has been strongly enhanced. You can now see an active real-time view of your Galerie in the Preferences window. Added a minimum of contents to the prefilled moduls when you add items to the Viewer in edit view so that the modul is immediately visible on the page.

As a result, all pertinent theme options become available as soon as a plug-in is added. This really enhances the fluency of the designs in our tool and makes it much simpler to learn how Divi user interfaces work. Don't be afraid, this feature can simply be deactivated in the user area.

It is also deactivated by default when using the Divi Builder and the wireframe mode of the Video Builder. Various adjustments, as well as all medium entries, have been clarified. You' ll be pleased to know that the Contents option in the preferences of the visual builder has been enhanced with a browser-based spelling checker.

Each Divi comes with several standard colours and text size. Most of these specifications were consistent in all Divi models. However, some moduls had some odd standard settings that just didn't make sence. We' ve gone through all the moduls and corrected those mavericks. As an example, test monials no longer have illegible bright text by standard.

Out of the box, sliders no longer have standard whites, and all backgrounds have been upgraded to use the highlight colour of the design by design. Divi has been upgraded to 3.2 with today's release. The Divi 3. 2 is the first upgrade that uses our new release system.

The new system does a better job by taking into consideration the contents of each fix and giving it a release number that reflects the amount of the fix. X.0 (e.g. 3. 0) - Integer changes, such as a switch from 3. 0 to 4. 0, will be reserved for large-scale development.

It is possible that you will see such an updated once a year. X.X (e.g. 3.2) - First release changes, such as today's 3.1 to 3.2 upgrade, are reserved for small or medium size features. X.X.X.X.X (e.g. 3.2. 1) - Second set of release changes are reserved for bugfixes that may need to be freed between smaller features.

When you see a third December fix for your latest release, it's probably a good thing to perform an actual releasegrade! The new system makes each updated release much more informational and gives you a better understanding of what might have happened between the release you are using and the latest available release.

Now the new interfacing enhancements are available, so please feel free to take Divi with you. Tell us what you think in the commentaries and don't miss out on visiting again next weekend to get even more great Divi-news.

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