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Builder Plugin for Divi Builder

A one-stop destination for custom Divi Builder plug-ins, layouts, and sub themes. Want a custom Divi Builder solution? Builder Plugin Divi Dokumentation for Plugins The best way to use Divi is in visible modus, so you can create your page on the frontend of your website. In the DiviLibrary, you can store customized cartridges and layout for later use. Restrict the capabilities of certain WordPress role users in the Divi Builder.

Choose which part of the globalen Library element you want to synchronize.

The Divi comes with tonnes of great pre-built layout that you can use to speed up your designs. Learn how to insert, set up and adjust the Divi text engine.

Learn how to append, set up and modify the DiviTest Testimonials modules. Learn how to insert, set up and adjust the Divi-Tabs module.

Use Divi Builder to manipulate any WordPress topic.

The Divi Builder is a completely new Elegant Themes product that could revolutionise the way you create web sites. Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin that works with practically any WordPress topic - even with topics that have not been created by Elegant theming - using the Elegant theming as a basis for the Divi theming. The Divi Builder allows you to edit not only the contents of your site, but also the look and feel of the site itself, without having to edit the topics.

When your website uses a look you're satisfied with, just add Divi Builder and you can take full advantage of the Divi themes without programming. If you have a shortcut encoded in the available designs file, the function of your designs is preserved so that you can modify them without forfeiting them.

With Divi Builder you can add, delete and modify your work. Offering limitless layouts, its smooth contents areas are ideal for a fast reacting style concept. Divi Builder uses modules that are like contents modules to build an almost limitless number of layouts. Designed to democratise the web site designing workflow, it allows website users with little or no web site designing or developing expertise to build attractive web pages with a straightforward drag-and-drop user-interface.

Plus, for powerful web surfers, there are right-click right-click and context-sensitive controls that let you accelerate your workflows and fully adjust every aspect of your site. There are 40 contents module contained, which reach from the videos to the slide control, from the contakt forms to the shops. No programming skills required, just the possibility to draw by dragging and dropping and then adjust with Divi Builder preferences.

When you need to include a third-party plug-in or user-defined contents that are not included, you can use the Divi Builder code module. The Divi Builder also allows you to customize your own style sheet if you wish. Store your preferred theme in the Divi Builder and use it for other work.

Replicate items across a website with a single copy-key. Even designate items as globally; if you modify a globally located element in a location on your website, it will be refreshed location-wide! As with any good designer program, there are infinite undo's and redo's via a historical feature that makes sure you always have an overview of an earlier one.

Don't be afraid that your customers will damage their own pages; site administrators can block certain items to prevent errors from happening. The Divi Builder is a powerfull choice for website users who have already purchased WordPress. This allows the processing of contents and the evolution of websites to a small fraction  of the discomfort of migration to a new subject.

Extended control elements and limitless layouts make it a good option for website designs as well. The best part is that Divi Builder is free for all Elegant Themes developers, just register for your development subscription and you can start downloading Divi Builder today.

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